Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Playlist January 22, 2020

Host: David Ryshpan

Steve Lehman Trio + Craig Taborn - "Echoes/The Impaler" (The People I Love) [happy 60th birthday, Jeff "Tain" Watts!]
*Tunetown - "Split Infinity" (There from Here)
*Trevor Giancola - "Report Card" (Sonnet 18)
Jeff Parker - "Fusion Swirl" (Suite For Max Brown)
Ross McHenry - "Forest Dance" (Nothing Remains Unchanged)
Gordon Grdina's Nomad - "Benbow" (s/t)
*Dan McCarthy - "Utviklingssang" (City Abstract)
Bill Frisell - "Deep Dead Blue" (Harmony)

*Marshal Herridge - "Ocarina" (Chapter One)
Frank Kimbrough - "Think of One" (Monk's Dreams)
Nat Cole - "Scategoria" (Hittin' The Ramp)
Jason Yeager - "Gracias a la vida" (New Songs of Resistance)
*Jane Bunnett & Maqueque - "Reencuentro" (Tierra Firma)
Roberto Fonseca - "Vivo" (Yesun)
Miguel Zenón - "Quitate de la vía perico" (Sonero)
John Bailey - "Pebbles In The Pocket" (Can You Imagine?)
Chris Lightcap - "Queenside" (Superbigmouth)

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