Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jazz Euphorium

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005
Playlist for Oct. 26, 2005

Host: Natalie Simmons

Pharoah Sanders - "Got to Have Freedom" (Africa)
- "Naima" (Africa)
- "Origin" (Africa)
Pharoah Sanders, Hamid Drake & Adam Rudolph
- Morning in Soweto (Spirits)
- Uma Lake (Spirits)
- Ancient Peoples (Spirits)
- Call to the Luminous Beings (Spirits)
Sun Ra - "Tiny Pyramids" (Angels and Demons)
Sun Ra - "Pan Afro" (Disciple 27-II)
Sun Ra - "Neptune" (Disciple 27-II)
Sun Ra - ""The Idea of it All" (When Angels Speak of Love)
Miles Davis - "Ah-Leu-Cha" (Round About Midnight)
Build An Ark -"You Got to Have Freedom" (Peace With Every Step)
Build An Ark - "Vibes From the Tribe" (Peace With Every Step)
Build An Ark - "Conversations" (Peace With Every Step)
Eric Dolphy - "Mandrake" (Iron Man)
Eric Dolphy - "Feathers" (Out There-1960)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Playlist October 19, 2005

A true magazine-style show tonight: two hosts, two interviews, and lots of different music.

Hosts: Natalie Simmons & David Ryshpan
Funkservice International - "Life is Good" (A Post-Modern Life)
Interview with Funkservice International
Funkservice International
- "Painful Day" (A Post-Modern Life)
Funkservice International - "Robinet" (A Post-Modern Life)
Interview with Funkservice International
Funkservice International - "Camel Ride" (A Post-Modern Life)
Funkservice International - "Brown Sugar" (A Post-Modern Life)
Ben Allison & Medicine Wheel - "Mantra" (Third Eye)
Billy Bang - "Waltz of the Water Puppets" (Vietnam: Reflections)
Interview with Achim Kaufmann, Michael Moore, Dylan van der Schyff, Wolter Wierbos
Dylan van der Schyff - "Trio I" (Definition of a Toy)
Interview with Achim Kaufmann, Michael Moore, Dylan van der Schyff, Wolter Wierbos
Gerry Hemingway - "Full Off" (Waltzes, Two-Steps, and Other Matters of the Heart)
Dylan van der Schyff - "Queen of the Box Office" (Definition of a Toy)
Achim Kaufmann - "Beq" (Geule de Loup)
Fieldwork - "Infogee Dub" (Simulated Progress)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

playlist for october 12 2005

Hi folks, this is Dave Macaulay - first dj to do the Jazz Euphorium show since the creation of this blog! We all hope you find this site fun & informative... and of course, that you enjoy the show.

For now I'll just post tonight's playlist (with some links):

art blakey & the jazz messengers "caravan" (caravan) - riverside 23 oct 1962
buell neidlinger/cecil taylor "things ain't what they used to be" (
new york city rhythm & blues) - candid jan 9/10 1961
sun ra & his arkestra "intro/take the 'a' train" (
live at montreux) - inner city 1976
louis moholo/the dedication orchestra "mofolo"(
ixesha (time)) - ogun jan 3/4/5 1994
louis moholo/the dedication orchestra "the serpent's kindly eye"(
ixesha (time))
eric dolphy "bee vamp" (
live at the five spot vol.1) - prestige july 16 1961
roland kirk "rip rig & panic" (
rip rig & panic) - emarcy jan 13 1965
john coltrane quartet "sun ship" (
sun ship) - impulse aug 26 1965
sun ra "mythology metamorphosis" (
helicocentric worlds vol. 3) - espdisk nov 17 1965
ornette coleman "the riddle" (
live at the golden circle vol. 2) - blue note dec 1965
art blakey & the jazz messengers "the egyptians" (
are you real) - moon 1965

As a bonus, here's a couple of links. These sites have tons of good jazz-related material:

jazzmatazz : cd release news and reviews, lots of links

jazz weekly interviews : check the archives...

that's it for now - take care.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Blog Is Here!

Welcome to the official Jazz Euphorium blog! For those who may not know what or who we are, Jazz Euphorium is a collective jazz magazine show on CKUT (90.3 FM) in Montreal. The show airs Wednesday nights from 8-10 pm EST, and can be streamed online from the CKUT archives. Contributors include musicians, music journalists, and DJs from the Montreal area. This will be our presence on the web with archived playlists, links to various jazz-related subjects, and who knows what else.