Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playlist April 15, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

*Parc-X Trio - "Intermission" (s/t)
*Ernesto Cervini Quartet - "The Sneaky Two" (Here)
Fight the Big Bull - "Dying Will be Easy" (Dying Will Be Easy)
Harris Eisenstadt - "Dayourabine/Thiolena" (Guewel)
Ornette Coleman - "Zig Zag" (The Empty Foxhole)
RIDD Quartet - "Paoli" (Fiction Avalanche)
Odean Pope - "Two Dreams, Part 1" (Plant Life)
Talkover: Donald Byrd - "Parisian Thoroughfare" (First Flight)
Sean Conly - "Suburban Angst" (Re: Action)
Chris Potter - "Zea" (Follow the Red Line)
Khan Jamal - ""Rhythm Thang" (Cool)
MMW - "Rifion" (Zaebos)
*Peggy Lee Band - "Walk Me Through" (New Code)
*Gordon Grdina Trio - "Yellow Spot Into the Sun" (...If Accident Will)
Pat Metheny - "Question and Answer" (Question and Answer)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Playlist, April 1, 2009

*Indigone Trio + Strings - "Smacked" - Cycles
Max Roach - "Mama" - Percussion Bitter Sweet
Fredrik Lundin Overdrive - "Beauty and the Only Slightly Less Handsome" - Choose Your Boots
Dennis González - "In the Blink of a Hat" - Renegade Spirits
Hiromi Uehara - "I Got Rhythm" - Beyond Standard
DJ Motive - "Jazz Addict" - Midnight Fellowship
Nomo - "Round the Way" - Ghost Rock [with Turtleboy @ The Green Room April 1st]
*Turtleboy - "Invaders from the Deep" - Turtleboy
Khan Jamal Percussion + Strings - "Six plus Seven" - Cool
Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics - Cha Cha - Inspiration Information
*Jeff Younger's Sandbox - "Aquatic Adventures, Episode 19: The unceremonious demise of waterbugs (is the natural law)" - The Nudger
Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos - "El Gaucho Rojo" - Muy Divertido!
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Ebrauqs" - Slightly Latin
Sunaga T Experience - "Sasuke" - A Letter from AllNighters
*Gordon Grdina Trio - "Morning Moon" - ...If Accident Will
Apple Juice Kid - "A Different Blues" - Miles Remixed
Le Sacre Du Tympan - "Sexy Sax" - Le Retour!
Thelma Grayson - "I'll Remember April" - Mercury Records Box Set
Natural Food - "Pendulum" - Natural Food
*Bruce Freedman African Groove Band - "Little Melody in F" - Live at the Cellar

Host: Parker Mah