Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Playlist December 27, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

TJ Kirk - "Damn Right I'm Somebody" (If Four Was One)
Frequency - "Take Refuge" (Frequency)
Bill Frisell/Kermit Driscoll/Joey Baron - "Rag" (Live)
*Drumheller - "Driver Down" (Wives)
Bridge 61 - "Nothing's Open" (Journal)
Perico Sambeat - "Bioy" (Friendship)
Pete LaRoca - "Tears Come From Heaven" (Basra)
*Miles Perkin - "The Centre" (Common Thread)
Ben Goldberg Quintet - "Song and Dance" (The Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact)
Liberty Ellman - "Ophiuchus Butterfly" (Ophiuchus Butterfly)
Mark Dresser/Denman Maroney - "Pulse Field" (Time Changes)
Ellery Eskelin - "Split the Difference" (Quiet Music)
The Other Quartet - "TOQ-TOQ" (Sound Stains)
Industrial Jazz Group - "Full-on Freak" (City of Angles) [my comments referring to their NYC connection was due to: their upcoming gig at Bowery Poetry Club Jan. 14 - sorry guys!]
Shot x Shot - "Volzalisle" (Shot x Shot)
TJ Kirk - "The Payback/I Mean You" (If Four Was One)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Playlist December 6, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

Kenny Garrett - "Night and Day" (Triology)
Michiel Braam's Wurli Trio - "Congesting Hash" (Triology)
Gary Burton - "The Whopper" (Passengers)
Mark Feldman - "Ink Pin" (What Exit)
Darek Oles - "Gift" (Like a Dream)
*Christine Jensen - "Upper Fargo" (Look Left)
David Binney - "Arlmyn Trangent" (Balance)
Craig Taborn - "American Landscape" (Light Made Lighter)
Pete Robbins - "Waits and Measures" (Waits & Measures)
*François Bourassa Trio + André Leroux - "Herbie Nichols [Part Two]" (Live)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Malachi" (Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City: Live at Iridium)
Sun Ra Arkestra - "King Porter Stomp" (Springtime in Chicago)
Dave Holland Quintet - "The Eyes Have It" (Critical Mass)
*Ensemble en pièces - "Attendre ce qui n'arrive pas" (Jardin d'exil)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "Enhanced Performance" (Codebook)
Fred Hersch Trio - "Bemsha Swing" (Live at the Village Vanguard)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Playlist November 15, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

Frank Kimbrough - "Lucent" (Play)
Marty Ehrlich - "Pigskin" (Malinke's Dance)
*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "First Mentor" (Coniferous Revenge)
Nels Cline - "Not Sa No Sa" (New Monastery)
Chris MacGregor's Brotherhood of Breath - "Kongi's Theme" (Travelling Somewhere)
Steve Lacy - "The Door" (The Door)
*Nehring/Koller + Braid - "D Minor Waltz" (Set In Stone)
Bunky Green - "With All My Love" (Another Day)
*Christine Jensen - "Capers Papers" (Look Left)
*Derome/Guilbeault/Tanguay - "Vérone" (10 Compositions de Jean Derome)
Myra Melford's The Tent - "Brainfire and Buglight" (Where the Two Worlds Touch)
Thomas Chapin Trio - "Pet Scorpion" (Ride)
Triptych Myth - "Poppa's Gin in the Chicken Feed" (The Beautiful)
*Quinsin Nachoff's Magic Numbers - "Branches" (Magic Numbers)
Mariano/Huebner/Huebner/Beirach - "Nardis" (Beauty)

* = Canadian content

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Playlist September 13, 2006

Hosts: Alden Penner & David Ryshpan

Charles Lloyd - "What's Going On?" (Lift Every Voice)
William Parker - "There is a Balm in Gilead" (Long Hidden: The Olmec Series)
Charlie Haden - "Not In Our Name" (Not In Our Name)
*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "Shouting At Squirrels" (Coniferous Revenge)
Ben Allison - "Talking Heads" (Cowboy Justice)
Wurli Trio - "Gosh, Ethnics Gan" (Hosting Changes)
Hamid Drake/Assif Tsahar - "Praying Mantis" (Live at the Glenn Miller Café: Soul Bodies volume 2)
The Revolutionary Ensemble - "Hu-man" (The Psyche)
John Carter - "Conversations" (Castles of Ghana) read Steve Smith's essay on John Carter
Tom Christensen - "In Memory of My Feelings" (New York School)
*Antoine Berthiaume - "Ellen's Bar" (Ellen's Bar)
Rempis Percussion Quartet - "Shreds" (Rip Tear Crunch)
Paul Motian - "Justice (Evidence)" (Monk In Motian)
Tom Varner - "Isaac Has a Vision on the Subway" (Martian Heartache)
Herbie Hancock - "Riot" (Speak Like a Child)
Dave Douglas - "Invocation" (Meaning and Mystery)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Playlist September 6, 2006

Hosts: David Ryshpan & Andy Williams

FLY - "Child's Play" (FLY)
*Michael Bates' Outside Sources - "Prodigal" (A Fine Balance)
*Les Projectionnistes - "Child's Play" (Vue)
*Antoine Berthiaume - "Attitude Frank" (Ellen's Bar)
Theme: Blue Note Records
Kenny Drew - "Undercurrent" (Undercurrent)
Lee Morgan - "Mr. Kenyatta" (Search for the New Land)
Eric Dolphy - "South Street Exit" (The Illinois Concert)
Eric Dolphy - "Straight Up and Down" (Out to Lunch)
Andrew Hill - "New Monastery" (Point of Departure)
McCoy Tyner - "Passion Dance" (The Real McCoy)
Bud Powell - "Comin' Up" (The Scene Changes)
Ornette Coleman - "Check Out Time" (Love Call) [featuring Dewey Redman - RIP]
Bobby Hutcherson - "Una Muy Bonita" (Stick-Up!)
Ike Quebec - "Minor Impulse" (Blue and Sentimental)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

20.9 show

Hey euphoric people,

in my show on the 20.9 i will host sage raynolds, who is a great montreal young bass player. He wil be launching his new cd on Effendi record label a week later.
apparently there are some other new releases on Effendi on that event, if you want to inquire...

also, ill be playing some of the new Avishai Cohen album



Thursday, August 10, 2006

Playlist August 9, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

Special feature on Post-Vietnam War Jazz, inspired by Dave Douglas' essay here and follow-up posts 1, 2, 3.
Other resources: Visionsong; Destination Out

Myra Melford - "Where the Two Worlds Touch" (Where The Two Worlds Touch)
*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "Coniferous Revenge" (Coniferous Revenge)
Guillermo Klein y los Guachos - "Child's Play" (Live In Barcelona)
Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black - "Four Chords" (12(+1) Imaginary Views)
*Kamosc - "Kopfspinnennetz" (Kamosc)
Vijay Iyer - "Composites" (Reimagining)
Gil Evans - "Jambangle" (Gil Evans & Ten)

Dave Douglas
- "Blues to Steve Lacy" (Meaning & Mystery)
Julius Hemphill - "Rites" (Dogon A.D.)
Anthony Braxton - "Composition 40(O)" (Quartet (Dortmund) 1976)
Kenny Wheeler - "Smatter" (Gnu High)
Air - "Do Tell" (80° Below '82)
Michael Mantler - "Twenty" (Something There)
Don Cherry - "When Will the Blues Leave?" (Art Deco)

*FACT - "Partout" (FACT)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Playlist July 19, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

Miles Davis - "Capricorn" (Water Babies)
Mario Pavone - "Ocbo" (Deez To Blues)
*Miles Perkin - "Fragile Innocence" (Common Thread)
*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "The Mindtaker" (Coniferous Revenge)
Ran Blake - "How 'Bout That" (All That is Tied)
Greg Osby - "Self-Portrait in Three Colors" (Inner Circle)
*Frederic Alarie - "Brico" (Tap Bass)
Hal Crook - "Night and Day" (Hero Worship)
Jazz Big Band Graz - "Just Like Him" (Joys and Desires: The Music of John Hollenbeck)
Duke Ellington - "Charpoy" (...and his mother called him Bill)
*Michael Bates' Outside Sources - "On Equilibrium" (A Fine Balance)
Cuong Vu - "Expressions of a Neurotic Impulse" (It's Mostly Residual)
Gilfema - "Akwe" (Gilfema)
David Murray 4tet & Strings - "Sparkle" (Waltz Again)
Uri Caine - "Cheek to Cheek" (Live at the Village Vanguard)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jazz Euphorium

Jazz Euphorium

Playlist April 19, 2006
Host: Natalie Simmons

Ahmad Jamal - "The Awakening" (The Awakening)
Ahmad Jamal - "I Love Music" (The Awakening)
Jimmy Smith - ''Dot Com Blues" (Only in it for the Money)
Jimmy Smith - ''Back at the Chicken Shack" (Fourmost Return)
Cannonball Adderly - "Groove Samba" (Cannonball's Bossa Nova)
Ernest Ranglin - "Papa's Bag Juice" (Memories of Barber Mack)
Ernest Ranglin - "Fade Away" (Memories of Barber Mack)
Ernest Ranglin - "Love and Happiness" (Now is the Time)
Ernest Ranglin - "54-46, that's My Number" (Below the Bassline)
Ernest Ranglin - "Below the Bassline" (Below the Bassline)
Ernest Ranglin - "Freeway" (Now is the Time)
Sonny Sharock - "Little Rock" (Ask the Ages)
Sonny Sharock - "As we Used to Sing" (Ask the Ages)
Hammiet Bluett, D.D. Jackson, Kahil El Zabar - "Open my Eyes" (The Calling)
Hammiet Bluett, D.D. Jackson, Kahil El Zabar - "Ask and You Shall Find" (The Calling)
Hammiet Bluett, D.D. Jackson, Kahil El Zabar - "We Are" (The Calling)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Black Diamond" (Talkin Verve)
Jaco Pastorius - "Teen Town" (Jaco Pastorius Big Band II)
Toots and the Maytals - "Pressure Drop" (54-46 thats my Number)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Playlist April 5, 2006

Funding Drive Edition
David Ryshpan & Natalie Simmons

Herbie Hancock - "You Got It Bad, Girl" (The New Standard) (f. Don Alias [RIP])
Jackie McLean (RIP) - "Cheers" (Vertigo)
*Talking Pictures - "Rat Race" (Ciao Bella)
Sam Newsome - "Dread Man Walking" (Global Unity)
Tom Harrell - "Daily News" (Time's Mirror)
*Richard Underhill - "Big" (Tales from the Blue Lounge)
Misako Kano - "Well You Needn't" (Watch Out)
Michael Musillami - "Squid Fantasy" (The New Standard)
Terrence Blanchard - "Passionate Courage" (Bounce)
John Scofield - "Boozer" (A Go Go)
*Joel Miller - "Sinking Colours" (...and then everything started to look different...)
Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos - "Con Brasil Adentro - Fuga X" (Live In Barcelona)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Playlist March 29, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "Monkey" (Coniferous Revenge)
Greg Osby - "Please Stand By" (Channel Three)
Guillermo Klein & Los Guachos - "El Espejo" (Live in Barcelona)
Kenosha Kid - "Modern Times" (Projector)
*David Occhipinti - "Reason Over Passion" (Intersection)
Paul Motian - "Bye-Ya" (Monk In Motian)
Jazz Big Band Graz - "After A Dance or Two, We Sit Down for a Pint with Gil and Tim" (Joys & Desires: The Music of John Hollenbeck)
Orange Then Blue - "Ornette's Muse" (Orange Then Blue)
*Normand Guilbeault Ensemble - "Tricotism" (Basso Continuo)
Either/Orchestra - "Heavily Amplified Hairpiece" (Neo-Modernism)
*Thom Gossage & Other Voices - "Swamp Suite" (The Now Beyond)
Dave Douglas - "Ageless" (Soul on Soul)
Roberto Rodriguez - "Hadida" (Baila! Gitanto Baila!)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Playlist March 15, 2006

Host: David Ryshpan

The Claudia Quintet - "Growth" (Semi-Formal) - Cuneiform
The Claudia Quintet - "Limp Mint" (Semi-Formal) - Cuneiform
Vandermark 5 - "Suitcase (For Ray Charles, Elvin Jones and Steve Lacy)" (The Color of Memory) - Atavistic
John McNeil - "Deadline" (East Coast Cool) - OmniTone
Mark Helias' Open Loose - "Mistral Angel" (Verbs of Will) - Radio Legs
Marty Ehrlich - "Dance No. 2" (News on the Rail) - Palmetto
*Francois Marcaurelle (RIP) - "Will You Need It?" (Opus no. 6: Mode d'emploi) - Effendi
*Joel Miller - "Aqua Land" (Mandala) - Effendi
*Kenny Wheeler - "Sophie" (Music for Large & Small Ensembles) - ECM
Steve Swallow - "Misery Loves Company" (Always Pack Your Uniform On Top) - XtraWatt
Ralph Alessi - "Soy Ink" (This Against That) - RKM Music
*Ross Taggart - "Don't Call Before Ten" (Thankfully) - Cellar Live
Henry Threadgill & Make A Move - "Shake It Off" (Everybody's Mouth's a Book) - Pi
Andrew Hill - "New Pinocchio" (A Beautiful Day) - Palmetto
Jenny Scheinman - "Moe Hawk" (12 Songs) - Cryptogramophone
Dave Douglas - "Czardas" (Tiny Bell Trio) - Songlines

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Playlist February 1, 2006

Hosts: David Ryshpan & Natalie Simmons

Black History Month - Profile on AACM
Inspired by Vijay Iyer's essay "Steve Coleman, M-Base, and Music Collectivism"
Also see: M-Base & Black Rock Coalition

Art Ensemble of Chicago - "New York is Full of Lonely People" (Urban Bushmen)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Ja" (Nice Guys)
Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble - "Maghostut" (South Side Street Songs)
Muhal Richard Abrams - "Things to Come from Those Now Gone" (Things to Come from Those Now Gone)
Anthony Braxton - "Piece 1" (Creative Orchestra Music 1976)
Air - "The Traveller" (80° Below '82)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Peter and Judith" (Urban Bushmen)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Promenade: Cote Bamako II" (Urban Bushmen)
8 Bold Souls - "Brown Town" (Last Option)
Sticks and Stones - "Turning the Mark" (Sticks and Stones)
Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio - "Ornette" (Renaissance of the Resistance)
Vijay Iyer - "Father Spirit" (Panoptic Modes)
Steve Coleman & Five Elements - "Urban" (Resistance is Futile)
Don Byron - "Basquiat" (Romance with the Unseen)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Jazz Euphorium

Jazz Euphorium

Playlist Jan 25, 2006

Host: Natalie Simmons
Interview with Natasha P from Natasha P Trio
Performance @ Lion D'or Tuesday Feb. 7th 2006

Louis Armstrong- "What did I do to be so Black and Blue""
Duke Ellington and Irie Anderson- "It don't mean a thing if it aint got that Swing"
King Pleasure- "Parkers Mood"
Miles Davis- "All Blues"
Dave Brubeck Quartet- "Maori Blues"
John Coltrane- "Miles Mode" rec. 1962 w/McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones and Jimmy Carrison
Kahil ElZabar and Ethnic Heritage Ensemble- "Running in the Streets"
4Hero Remix with Vanessa Freeman (Horace Silver)- "Won't you Open Up yourSenses"
Lena Horne- "The Lady is Tramp""
-"Every Time we say Good Bye"
Antonio Carlos Jobim-"Corcovado"
Antonio Carlos Jobim- "Viva Sonhando"
Natasha P- "Alright ok, You Win"
"La Traitesse"
"Mack the knife"
"Cry me a river"
"Guess Who I saw Today"
"Fly me to the Moon"
"Chega de Saudade"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Playlist January 18, 2005

Host: David Ryshpan

*Thom Gossage Other Voices - Ring Around the Rainer (The Now Beyond)
Moutin Reunion Quartet - MRC (Something Like Now)
Paul Motian - Trinkle Tinkle (Monk In Motian)
Muhal Richard Abrams - March of the Transients (Things to Come From Those Now Gone)
Marty Ehrlich - Hear You Say (News On The Rail)
*Daniel Thouin - Blues pour Blackwell II (Organique)
Vandermark 5 - Full Deck (Simpatico)
*Chris Gestrin - To Give Again (Trio)
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble - Abstinence (A Blessing)
Geoffrey Keezer - Venus As A Boy (Wildcrafted: Live at the Dakota)
Anderskov Accident - The Sick Man (Unity of Action)
Chris Speed - Constance and Georgia (Emit)
Jane Ira Bloom - Monk's Rec Room (The Red Quartets)
Robert Glasper - Enoch's Meditation (Canvas)
Tim Berne - Huevos (Science Friction)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

happy new year to you!

Treating the common cold with massive doses of free jazz...

playlist for january 4 2006 (click the links for related stuff):

art ensemble of chicago "people in sorrow part 1" (the pathe sessions) - emi july 7 1969
griot galaxy "z-series" (live at the d.i.a.) - entropy jan 29 1983
albert ayler "ghosts" (lorrach paris 1966) - hatology nov 13 1966
cecil taylor "what's new" (nefertiti the beautiful one has come) - arista freedom nov 23 1962
sun ra "love in outer space" (piano recital - teatro la fenice, venezia) - golden years nov 24 1977
sun ra "outer spaceways incorporated" (piano recital - teatro la fenice, venezia)
muhal richard abrams & malachi favors "unity (dedicated to the aacm)" (sightsong) - black saint oct 1975
horace tapscott "sketches of drunken mary" (the dark tree 1) - hatology dec 1989
masada "ne'eman" (live in sevilla) - tzadik 2000
derek bailey r.i.p. "when your lover has gone" (ballads) - tzadik 2002
the qualities "happy new year to you!" (sun ra - the singles) - saturn 1956

- dave m.