Thursday, March 15, 2007

Playlist March 14, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Joe Lovano/Greg Osby - "Broadway Blues" (Friendly Fire)
Charlie Haden/Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell - "Law Years" (The Montreal Tapes)
Ornette Coleman - "Call to Duty" (Sound Grammar)
Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - "Afrique" (Witch Doctor)
Eric Dolphy - "April Fool" (Here and There)
Sonny Rollins - "Three Little Words" (On Impulse!)
*Miles Perkin's Common Thread - "Insane Asylum" (Common Thread) [at O Patro Vys 3/16]
*Melissa Stylianou - "Tea in the Sahara" (Bachelorette) [at Black Sheep Inn 3/15; Upstairs 3/16-17]
George Russell - "Ezz-thetic" (Ezz-thetic)
Roswell Rudd - "Mysterioso" [sic] (Inside Job)
Paul Bley - "Line Down" (Fragments)
Herbie Nichols Project - "Karna Kangi" (Strange City)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "Further and In Between" (Codebook)
*Effendi JazzLab - "FND (Fonds Non Disponibles)" (Chance Meeting)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Playlist March 7, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Leroy Jenkins/Rashied Ali
- "The Past" (Swift are the Winds of Life)
The Revolutionary Ensemble - "Light" (...And Now...)
Cooper-Moore/Assif Tsahar/Chad Taylor - "Turn It Up" (Digital Primitives)
Fire of Space - "Children's Voices" (Handbasket)
Brian Groder - "Diverging Orbits" (Torque)
*Jeff Johnston - "Charlevoix" (Nuage) [at Upstairs Wednesdays & Thursdays in March]
*Chris Tarry - "Georgia Changes a Life" (Project 33) [at Upstairs March 9 & 10]
Michael Musillami's Dialects - "Fragile Forms" (Fragile Forms)
Herculaneum - "Let There be Neon" (Orange Blossom)
Myra Melford's Be Bread - "Be Bread" (The Image of Your Body)
*Sage Reynolds - "Saturday Afternoon" (On the Wall)
*Yves Leveillée - "New York 10012" (Soho)
*Alain Bédard Auguste Quintette - "Mait Bozebu" (Sphere Reflexion)
Lee Konitz - "For Hans" (Parallels)
Steve Wilson - "Easy Goin' Evening (My Mama's Call)" (Soulful Song)