Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Playlist May 30, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Enrico Rava - "Echoes of Duke" (The Words and the Days)
Simona Premazzi - "Smokersion" (Looking for an Exit)
BassDrumBone - "Rainbow" (The Line Up)
Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens - "Saying Yes" (Ready Everyday)
Paul Motian - "Light Blue" (Time and Time Again)

Suoni Per Il Popolo previews
(see below for more deets)
William Parker/Hamid Drake
- "Black Cherry" (Piercing the Veil)
Rob Brown Quartet - "Flat Out" (Jumping Off the Page)
Hamid Drake & Bindu - "Bindu #1 for Ed Blackwell" (Bindu)
Marc Ribot - "St. James' Infirmary" (Saints)
*François Houle 5 - "Prayer" (Cryptology)
ICP Orchestra - "A Bit Nervous - Jealous? Me?" (Jubilee Varia)
Dave Burrell/David Murray - "Qasbah Rendezvous" (Daybreak)

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society
- "Ritual" (Live at Bowery Poetry Club May 19/07)
*Peter Van Huffel Quintet - "Rundle's Peak" (Silvester Battlefield)
Brad Shepik Trio - "The South" (Places You Go)

Suoni jazz/actuelle programming (Ryshpan's picks in boldface):
Marc Ribot solo June 4 - La Sala Rossa
Rob Brown Quartet (Taborn/Parker/Cleaver) June 5 - Sala
William Parker/Hamid Drake June 6 (workshop at noon) - Sala
Hamid Drake & Bindu June 7 - Sala
Akron/Family & Hamid Drake June 8 - Sala
Leandre/Maneri/Houle June 11 - Sala
Matana Roberts' "Coin Coin" June 13 - Casa del Popolo
John Butcher/Martin Tétrault June 14 - Casa
Ensemble Supermusique June 17 - Casa
Halim El Dabh & Barking Dog Sextet June 18 - Sala
Scorch Trio (Björkenheim/Flaten/Nilssen-Love) June 19 - Sala
Sten Sandell Trio June 21 - Casa
ICP Orchestra June 25 - Sala
Moholo/Jordan/Burrell June 27 - Sala

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Playlist May 9, 2007

Host: Lawrence Joseph

Tribute to Andrew Hill, who died April 20, 2007.

1. Andrew Hill - Black Fire / Black Fire 6:53
Joe Henderson Tenor sax; Richard Davis Bass; Roy Haynes Drums; Andrew Hill Piano
Blue Note November 1963

2. Andrew Hill - Yokada Yokada / Judgement 5:16
Bobby Hutcherson Vibes; Richard Davis Bass; Elvin Jones Drums; Andrew Hill Piano
Blue Note January 1964

3. Andrew Hill - New Monastery / Point of Departure 7:00
Kenny Dorham Trumpet; Eric Dolphy sax/flute/clarinet; Joe Henderson Tenor sax; Richard Davis Bass; Tony Williams Drums; Andrew Hill Piano
Blue Note March 1964

4. Andrew Hill - Eris / Pax 10:40
Joe Henderson Tenor sax; Freddie Hubbard trumpet; Richard Davis Bass; Joe Chambers Drums; Andrew Hill Piano
Blue Note February 1965

5. Andrew Hill - Sideways / Passing Ships 4:06
Woody Shaw/Dizzy Reece trumpets; Julian Priester trombone; Bob Nothern French Horn; Howard Johnson Tuba; Joe Farrell sax; Andrew Hill Piano; Ron Carter Bass; Lenny White Drums
Blue Note November 1969

6. Andrew Hill - Snake Hip Waltz / Live at Montreux 11:15
Andrew Hill Solo Piano
Freedom July 1975

7. Andrew Hill - Ball Square / Shades 4:36
Andrew Hill Piano; Rufus Reid Bass; Ben Riley Drums
Soul Note July 1986

8. Andrew Hill - Divine Revelations / A Beautiful Day 8:16
Andrew Hill piano; Marty Ehrlich alto saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet; John Savage alto saxophone, flute; Greg Tardy tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Aaron Stewart tenor saxophone; J.D. Parran baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Ron Horton, Dave Ballou, Laurie Frinck, Bruce Staalens trumpets; Charlie Gordon, Joe Fiedler, Mike Fahn trombones; Jose D'Avila tuba; Scott Colley bass; Nasheet Waits drums
Palmetto Records January 2002

9. Andrew Hill - Not Sa No Sa / The Day the World Stood Still 9:43
Staffan Svensson trumpet; Klaus Lohrer bass trombone, tuba; Peter Fuglsang alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Thomas Agergaard tenor sax, clarinet; Liudas Mockunas soprano sax, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Andrew Hill piano; Scott Colley double bass; Nasheet Waits drums
Stunt Records April 2003

10. Nels Cline New Monastery - A view into the music of Andrew Hill
Not Sa No Sa 8:55

11. Nels Cline New Monastery - A view into the music of Andrew Hill
MacNeil Island/Pumpkin 6:20
Nels Cline guitar, effects; Bobby Bradford cornet; Ben Goldberg clarinet, contra-alto clarinet; Andrea Parkins electric accordion,effects; Devin Hoff contrabass; Scott Amendola drums, percussion; Alex Cline percussion
Cryptogramophone February 2006

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

FUNDING DRIVE Playlist May 2, 2007

Funding Drive Edition
Host: David Ryshpan

NB: All CDs played are available from the CKUT gift list for a pledge of $25.

*Rabnett 5 - "D+D" (Reclamation)
Ben Goldberg - "Song and Dance" (The Door, the Hat, the Chair, the Fact)
*Gordon Allen, Fred Bazil, Remy Bélanger-de-Beauport, David Ryshpan - "Pledge #1" [live improvisation in the CKUT studio]
Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack - "Further Ado" (Intents & Purposes)
Mario Pavone - "Arc" (Boom)
*Allen/Bazil/Beauport/Ryshpan - "Pledge #2" [live improvisation in the CKUT studio]
*NOJO - "Go Fly A Kite" (Highwire)
Rob Reddy's Gift Horse - "Mark of Sincerity" (A Hundred Jumping Devils)
Bill Frisell - "Boubacar" (East/West)
George Schuller's Schulldogs - "Side Car" (Round 'Bout Now)
*Allen/Bazil/Beauport/Ryshpan - "Pledge #3" [live improvisation in the CKUT studio]
Triptych Myth - "All Up In It" (The Beautiful)
Ran Blake - "Epilogue" (All That is Tied)
*Derome/Guilbeault/Tanguay - "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" (The Feeling of Jazz)
Bridge 61 - "Nothing's Open" (Journal)
Roy Nathanson - "By The Page" (Sotto Voce)

Gordon Allen - pocket trumpet; Fred Bazil - tenor saxophone/flute; Remy Bélanger-de-Beauport - cello; David Ryshpan - melodica.