Sunday, September 26, 2010

Early Bird Funding Drive Draw on Jazz Euphorium

CKUT has partnered with L'OFF JAZZ to offer donors to

CKUT's Jazz Amuck and Jazz Euphorium a chance to

win a pair of festival passes for L'OFF JAZZ Festival,

celebrating its 11th year of presenting creative jazz by

jazz musicians from the local scene and abroad.


Every donation of 25$ paid in full before 10:45am

on October 15th 2010. will get you one entry into

the early bird jazz draw. The winners will be announced

just before 11am on the Jazz Amuck Programme

on October 15th.


Donate on line or call the pledge line at any time


(leave a message with your name and number if you can't get through)


Why DONATE to CKUT's Jazz Programmes?

* To pledge your support to listener supported radio
* To keep creative jazz alive on the FM dial!
* So that CKUT can provide community members with
the necessary tools to create meaningful radio
DONATE $60 to Jazz Amuck or Jazz Euphorium by the October 15 deadline gets two entries into the draw for a pair of Passports to all OFF Jazz shows -- a prize only available to early bird jazz donors (ie small pool=good chances!) --, one entry into the draw for a Suoni per il Popolo 2011 festival pass (as well as one entry into all the other grand prize draws), two CD's of her/his choice from our selection, and a choice of custom-designed and screened CKUT t-shirt or shoulder bag.
Donors who donate during this jazz "early-bird" period will also be eligible for all of the other gifts and prize draws normally associated with CKUT's Annual Funding Drive

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playlist for Jazz Euphorium - September 22 2010

Host: Lawrence Joseph

1. Jelly Roll Morton Trio - Wolverine Blues (3:23)
The Pearls (1927) BMG Records

Jelly Roll Morton - piano
Johnny Dodds - clarinet
baby Dodds - drums

2. Charlie Parker/Miles Davis - Dewey Square (3:08)
The Birth of Bop (1947) A Jazz Hour With

Charlie Parker - sax
Miles Davis - trumpet
Irving Jordan - piano
Tommy Potter - bass
Max Roach - drums

3. Joe Pass - Satin Doll (5:46)
Portraits of Duke Ellington (1974) Pablo Records (written 1953)

Joe Pass - guitar
Ray Brown - bass
Bobby Durham - drums

4. Jeannie Lee/Mal Waldron - Good-bye Pork Pie Hat (3:23)
After Hours (1994) Sunnyside (written 1959)

Jeannie Lee - voice
Mal Waldron - piano

5. Khan Jamal - Afro Blue (5:14)
Impressions of Coltrane (2008) Steeplechase (written 1959)

Khan Jamal - vibraphone
Farid Barron - piano
Curtis Lundy - bass
Edgar Bateman - drums

6. Jimmy Raney - Hassan's Dream (7:11)
Wisteria (1986) Criss Cross (written in 195?)

Jimmy Raney - guitar
Tommy Flanagan - piano
George Maraz - bass

7. Elliot Sharp - Bemsha Swing (7:13)
Acoustic Guitar (2006) Clean Feed (written 195?)

Elliot Sharp - guitar

8. Ornette Coleman - Una Muy Bonita (6:02)
Change of the Century (1959) Atlantic

Ornette Coleman - alto sax
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet
Charlie Haden - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

9. Eric Dolphy - Iron Man (9:09)
Iron Man (1963) Charley

Eric Dolphy: alto sax, bass clarinet
Woody Shaw: trumpet
Clifford Jordan: soprano saxophone
Huey Sonny Simmons: alto saxophone
Prince Lasha: flute
Bobby Hutcherson: vibraphone
Eddie Khan, Richard Davis: basses
J.C. Moses: drums.

10. Anthony Braxton Quartet - Pumpkin (5:43)
Ten Compositions (Quartet) 2000 CIMP

Anthony Braxton - alto sax, flute
Kevin O'Neil - guitar
Andy Elau - bass
Kevin Norton - drums

11. Nels Cline - McNeil Island/Pumpkin (6:20)
New Monastery (2006) Cryptogrmmaphone

Nels Cline - Guitar
Scott Amendola - drums
Devin Hoff - bass
Bobby Bradford - cornet
Andrea Parkins - accordion
Ben Goldberg - Bb and contra-alto clarinets

12. Steve Lehman Quintet - Panther (10:10)
Structural Fire (2001) CIMP

Steve Lehman - sax
Roy Campbell Jr - trumpet
Kevin O'Neil - guitar
John Hebert - bass
Kevin Norton - drums

13. Shibusashirazu Orchestra - Kujira (15:50)
Something Difference (1994) Chitei Records

Daisuke Fuwa: conductor
Hiroaki Katayama: tenor sax
Junji Hirose: tenor sax
Naohiro Kawashita: tenor sax
Masahito Inoue: tenor sax
Nao Takeuchi: tenor sax
Satoshi Konno: tenor sax
Kunihiro Izumi: alto sax
Sachi Hayasaka: alto sax
Hiroshi Iwadate: alto sax
Yasuhiro Kusakabe: alto sax
Arata Suzuki: soprano sax
Naoki Hanashima: bass clarinet
Tadashi Ishikawa: trumpet
Yoichiro Kita: trumpet
Hiroshi Itaya: trombone
Yuji Katsui: violin
Takayuki Kato: guitar
Isao Mogi: guitar
Takeshi Shibuya: keyboards
Izumi Kaneko: keyboards
Hiroshi Higo: bass
Shiro Onuma: drums
Masahiro Uemura: drums
Shuji Soh: drums
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums
Takayuki Matsumura: percussion
Miho Yoshida: percussion
Kiro Sorimachi: vocal
Toshiyuki Igo: voice, etc.
(30 members)

14. Marshall Allen/ Lou Grassi - The Spirit of the Day (9:46)
Live at the Guelph Jazz Festival (2001) Cadence Jazz Records

Marshall Allen - alto sax
Lou Grassi - drums

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Playlist for September 15, 2010

Hosts: Melvin Backstrom and Stephanie Khoury

All Can-Con Show for SOCAN week

1. Roy Patterson: "On a Cloud" off
On a Cloud

2. Peggy Lee Band: "Long Beach" off
Peggy Lee Band

3. The Ratchet Orchestra: "Demi-Poulet" off
The Ratchet Orchestra

4. Kaiser
-Kimara-O'Rourke-Oswald: "Tawny from Ivory" off Acoustics

5. Évidence (Derome, Tanguay, Cartier): "Hackensack" off
Évidence-Musique de Thelonious Monk

6. Lenny Breau: "Lenny's Warm Up & Improvisation Of Autumn Leaves" off
Cabin Fever

7. Brad Turner Quartet: "For Tia" off
Live at the Cellar

8. John Stetch: "The Prairie Unfolds" off
Stretching Out

9. Choeur Maha: "Four" off
Different Angels

10. Ingrid Jensen: "Vernal Fields" off
Vernal Fields

11. Elizabeth Shepard Trio: "Start to Move" off
Elizabeth Shepard Trio

12. Michael Occhipinti: "Ballo della Famiglia" off
Chasing After Light

13. Lori Freedman & Scott Thompson: "Two Plums" off

14. Fred Frith & Danielle Roger: "Dernier Cri" off
Pas de Deux

15. Sage Reynolds: "Saturday Afternoon" off
On the Wall

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Playlist September 1st, 2010

artist - song - album

*Lorraine Desmarais - New Morning - Lorraine Desmarais (@Festi Jazz Rimouski, September 4)
Michael Musillami Trio - Shiner at Rocky's - Old Tea
*François Théberge - Jardim - Elenar
*Franco Proietti Morph-Tet - Moanin' - Live! A Weekend at Centre St. Ambroise
*Thom Gossage & Other Voices - Ring Around the Rainer - The Now Beyond
Gregg August Sextet - Hand to Mouth - One Peace
The Bad Plus - Street Woman - Give (2 Shows @ L'Astral, September 18)
Chicago Underground Duo - Exponent Red - Axis & Alignment (@ Casa Del Popolo, September 9)
JazzHop Revolution - The Movement - Tha Sound of Truth
Coleman Hawkins with Thelonious Monk - Recollections - Criss Cross (compilation)
*Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra feat. Ingrid Jensen - Western Yew - Treelines
*Jazzlab - Song for Joe - Chance Meeting
Jacob Koller - Nello - Music for Bowlers
Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth - The Clutch - Deluxe
*Avi Granite 6 - I don't know New York - Red Tree
*William Parker - For Don Cherry - At Somewhere Live, Toronto
(Parov Stelar - Psychedelic Jazz - Rough Cuts)
*Amanda Tosoff - Song For Bill - Still Life (@ Festi Jazz Rimouski, September 2)
Joost Buis & Astronotes - Rurrlo - Zoomin'
Martial Solal & Johnny Griffin - L'oreille est hardie - In & Out

Host: Parker Mah