Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Playlist October 24, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Grazyna Auguscik Group - "Don't Explain" (Live Sounds Live)
Air - "Chicago Breakdown" (80° Below '82)
Lee Konitz-Ohad Talmor Big Band - "Sound Lee" (Portology)
Carla Bley Band - "Real Life Hits" (Live!)
Sam Rivers Rivbea Orchestra - "Arcs" (Aurora)
*Yannick Rieu - "In the Myth" (Saint-Gervais) [@ Di├Ęse Onze (4115-A St. Denis) every Wednesday til December 12]
*Trio Derome/Guilbeault/Tanguay - "Sonny's Crib" (The Feeling of Jazz) [@ Upstairs (1254 Mackay) every Wed/Thurs in October]
*John Stetch Trio - "Chord-Free Gord" (Bruxin') [@ Upstairs 10/26-27]
Charles Tolliver - "The Ringer" (The Ringer)
David Murray's Black Saint Quartet - "Family Reunion" (Sacred Ground)
Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - "The Witch Doctor" (The Witch Doctor)
Michael Musillami - "Mezz Money" (The Treatment)
Eric Dolphy - "Les" (Outward Bound)
Kevin Frenette 4 - "Connections" (Connections)
*Ron Davis - "Mio Latino" (Subarashii Live)
Ron Carter - "Arboretum" (Etudes)