Thursday, April 19, 2007

Playlist April 18, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Wergeld - "Ida Lupino" (Achtung)
BassDrumBone - "A Cuppa" (The Lineup)
Scott Colley - "Masoosong" (Architect of the Silent Moment)
*Grdina/Peacock/Motian - "Yellow Spot Into the Sun" (Think Like the Waves)
Brad Shepik Trio - "Crossing" (Places You Go)
*George Lewis/NOW Orchestra - "Shadowgraph 3" (The Shadowgraph Series: Compositions for Creative Orchestra) [George Lewis with Lori Freedman, Tanna Schulich Hall 4/19]
Wilbert de Joode - "Peg" (Olo) [at La Brique 4/20]
*Christine Jensen - "Capers Papers" (Look Left)
*Sage Reynolds - "Force Ten" (On the Wall) [Jensen & Reynolds at Green Room 4/22]
Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio - "There Never Was a Reason" (Terminal Valentine)
Erik Friedlander - "Najime" (Prowl)
Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet - "LB" (Way Out East)
John Carter/Bobby Bradford Quartet - "Song for the Unsung" (Seeking)
*Fran├žois Carrier Quartet - "Noh Four" (Noh)