Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Playlist February 1, 2006

Hosts: David Ryshpan & Natalie Simmons

Black History Month - Profile on AACM
Inspired by Vijay Iyer's essay "Steve Coleman, M-Base, and Music Collectivism"
Also see: M-Base & Black Rock Coalition

Art Ensemble of Chicago - "New York is Full of Lonely People" (Urban Bushmen)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Ja" (Nice Guys)
Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble - "Maghostut" (South Side Street Songs)
Muhal Richard Abrams - "Things to Come from Those Now Gone" (Things to Come from Those Now Gone)
Anthony Braxton - "Piece 1" (Creative Orchestra Music 1976)
Air - "The Traveller" (80° Below '82)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Peter and Judith" (Urban Bushmen)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Promenade: Cote Bamako II" (Urban Bushmen)
8 Bold Souls - "Brown Town" (Last Option)
Sticks and Stones - "Turning the Mark" (Sticks and Stones)
Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio - "Ornette" (Renaissance of the Resistance)
Vijay Iyer - "Father Spirit" (Panoptic Modes)
Steve Coleman & Five Elements - "Urban" (Resistance is Futile)
Don Byron - "Basquiat" (Romance with the Unseen)