Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playlist November 28, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

*YUL - "Hélène" (Departure)
Myra Melford/Marty Ehrlich - "A Generation Comes and Another Goes" (Spark!)
Eskelin/Parkins/Black - "Oska T" (12 (+1) Imaginary Views)
*Tim Brady - "Cat in the Rain" (Chalk Paper)
*Geordie Hailey's Sea of Song Trio - "Dutch" (Blue Boat)
*Don Scott - "The World is Your Ashtray" (Out of Line)
Slow Poke - "Rockin' in Rhythm" (At Home)
Hugh Hopper - "Lonely Woman" (Hopper Tunity Box)
Kenny Werner - "Inaugural Balls" (Lawn Chair Society)
Talkover: *Tim Brady - "Frisumo" (Chalk Paper)
Taylor Ho Bynum - "Brooklyn with an E" (The Middle Picture) [13th Assembly @ Casa del Popolo Dec. 6/07]
Aram Shelton - "All Dressed Up" (Arrive) [The Engines, f/ Tim Daisy @ Casa Dec. 7/07]
George Schuller - "Vat 19" (Round 'Bout Now)
Brad Shepik Trio - "As Was" (Places You Go)
The Blueprint Project - "Jac-Mac Talkin'" (People I Like)
Amir ElSaffar - "Hemayoun" (Two Rivers) [Read Dan Melnick's review]

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we did not play music from Marco Benevento as promised. Next time!