Friday, February 15, 2013

Jazz Euphorium Playlist, Wednesday February 13, 2013

Host: Lawrence Joseph

First Hour: Interview with Stefan Christoff

1. Piano/Saxophone - Stefan Christoff/Brahja Waldman (Temps Libre, Howl)
2. Piano/Contrebass - Stefan Christoff/Peter Burton (Temps Libre, Howl)
3. Piano/Oud - Stefan Christoff/Sam Shalabi (Duets for Abdelrazik, Howl)
4. Piano/Saxophone - Stefan Christoff/Mahtana Roberts (Duets for Abdelrazik, Howl)

Second Hour: New Releases

5. The Unfolding - William Hooker Quintet (Channels of Consciousness, NoBusiness)
6. Amanpondo - The Group (Live, NoBusiness)
7. Linton - Land of Marigold (Land of Marigold, Bug Incision)

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