Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playlist May 27, 2009

Host: Nimalan Yoganathan

Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Theme de Yoyo" (Les Stances a Sophie)
Archie Shepp - "Money Blues" (Things Have Got To Change)
Town&Country - "Cloud Seeding" (Up Above)
Ennio Morricone & Groupe Di Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza - "Seguita" (Adventures - The Wire 20 Years)
Ratchet Orchestra - "Love on a Far Away Planet" (Live at Sala Rossa)
Ratchet Orchestra - "Wish" (s/t)
Robert Ashley - "In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women"
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter" (s/t)
Nina Simone- "Obeah Woman" (It is Finished)
Torture - "Soaking Bodies in Dub" (Crooklyn Dub Consortium. Certified Dope, Vol.2)
Unknown - "Tjatrik" (Java: The Jasmine Isle / Gamelan Music)
Captain Beefheart - "She's Too Much For My Mirror" (Trout Mask Replica)
Gal Costa - "Cultura E Civilização" (Gal)
Hangedup - "Fuck This Place" (Clatter for Control)
Le Sentier Lumineux - "Untitled" (Live at Cool Fest 2008)
Nihilist Spasm Band - "The Filter Song" (s/t)
Group Inerane - "Ano Nagarus" (Guitars from Agadez - Music of Niger)
Antonis Antoniou - "Soundscape Nicosia" (Soundscape Nicosia)