Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Playlist December 26, 2018

Host: David Ryshpan

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Makaya McCraven - "Holy Lands" (Universal Beings)
Adam O'Farrill's Stranger Days - "Verboten Chant" (El Maquech)
*Way North - "Boll Weevil" (Fearless and Kind)
Bryn Roberts/Lage Lund - "Cheers for the Call" (Hide the Moon and he Stars)
Edward Simon - "Uninvited Thoughts" (Sorrows an Triumphs)
Miguel Zenón - "Milagrosa" (Yo soy la tradición)
Sara Serpa/Ingrid Laubrock/Erik Friedlander - "Cantar ao fim" (Close Up)
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble - "Long Swing Dream" (All Can Work)
Jen Shyu - "Soomi Line" (Jade Tongue)
*Sebastian Bailey - "Rocking Chair in 3 Sittings" (Ensemble de Magnac)
Aaron Parks - "Digital Society" (Little Big)
*Alex Lefaivre - "The Juggernaut" (YUL)
*Lawful Citizen - "February 2nd" (Internal Combustion)
Brian Krock  - "Stinson Beach" (Big Heart Machine)
Frank Kimbrough - Nutty" (Monk's Dreams)
Fred Hersch - "I Wish i knew" (Trio 97)
Kate McGarry - "Playing Palhaço" (The Subject Tonight Is Love)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Playlist August 15, 2018

Host: David Ryshpan

Tom Harrell - "The Time of the Sun" (The Time of the Sun)
David Weiss & Point of Departure - "Erato" (Snuck In)
Jimmy Greene - "YeahYouRight!" (Mission Statement)
Diego Barber - "Mauritania" (The Choice)
Miguel Zenón - "Milagrosa" (Yo Soy La Tradición)
Aaron Shragge/Ben Monder - "Roll the Dice" (The World is Dew)
*Alex Lefaivre - "The Righteous" (YUL Quartet(
Brian Krock's Big Heart Machine - "Dipsea Steps" (Big Heart Machine)

*Sam Kirmayer - "Resonance After Dark" (Opening Statement)
*Togetherness - "Blues for a Hip King" (s/t)
Adam O'Farrill - "Silva Moiiva" (Êl Maquech)
Benje Daneman's Searchparty - "Our Fear of Exposure" (Light in the Darkness)
Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse - "Villa Tiamo" (Cries from tha Ghetto)
Henry Threadgill - "Clear and Distinct" (Double Up Plays Double Up Plus)
Harriet Tubman - "Plasmaroid" (Ascension)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Playlist July 25, 2018

Host: David Ryshpan

Brian Blade & Fellowship Band - "Duality" (Body and Shadow) [happy birthday Brian Blade!]
DeJohnette/Grenadier/Medeski/Scofield - "Woodstock" (Hudson)
Tia Fuller - "In the Trenches" (Diamond Cut)
*Peggy Lee - "Hymn" (Echo Painting)
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble - "Long Swing Dream" (All Can Work)
Jason Robinson - "Confluence" (Resonant Geographies) [truncated for technical difficulties]
*Philippe Côté - "A Tiny Prayer to Father Time" (Lungta)
*Solon McDade - "Buy the Tractor" (Murals)
*Peripheral Vision - "The Blunder" (More Songs About Error & Shame)

*Avi Granite 6 - "Knocking on the Door" (Orbit)
Sharel Cassity & Elektra - "Evolve" (Evolve)
Jason Robinson - "Facing West" (Resonant Geographies)
Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg - "And More Dirt: Part 1" (Dirt... And More Dirt)
Irabagon/Fiedler/Neufeld - "Voodoo" (In Formation Network)
Nels Cline 4 - "Temporarily" (Currents, Constellations)
*Gordon Grdina's The Marrow - "Boubacar" (Ejdeha)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Playlist May 23, 2018

Host: David Ryshpan

*Togetherness! - "Kwela P'Kwana" (s/t)
Kevin Sun - "Find Your Pose" (Trio)
*Lina Allemano Four - "Tweeter" (Sometimes Y)
Ambrose Akinmusire - "Response" (A Rift in Decorum: Live at the Village Vanguard)
Sylvie Courvoisier Trio - "South Side Rules (for Jojhn Abercrombie)" (D'Agala)
Myra Melford - "Now & Now 2" (Alive in the House of Saints Part 2)
Gary Peacock Trio - "Rumblin'" (Tangents)
Larry Goldings/Peter Bernstein/Bill Stewart - "Fagen" (Toy Tunes)

*Nouvelle R - "Sendionek Mastro" (Sénescence) [launch @ Upstairs May 30]
Royal Krunk Jazz Orchestra - "The Critic's Song" (Get It How You Live)
Logan Richardson - "Class Wars" (Blues People)
Holland/Parker/Smith/Taborn - "Unsteady As She Goes" (Uncharted Territories)
Rudd/Victor/Harris/Filiano - ""Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" (Embrace)
Irabagon/Fiedler/Neufeld - "Pieces of Old Sky" (In Formation Network)
Nels Cline 4 - "Yemporarily" (Currents, Constellations)
*Avi Granite 6 - ""When The View Became The Way" (Orbit)

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Playlist May 9, 2018

Host: David Ryshpan

Kevin Sun - "Bittergreen" (Trio)
Barry Altschul - "Ask Me Now" (3Dom Factor Live In Krakow)
Jason Rigby - "Speak Like a Child" (Detroit-Cleveland Trio: One)
Charles Lloyd New Quartet - "Tagore on the Delta" (Passin' Thru)
Alma Matters - "Wade In The Water" (s/t)
Maria Grand - "TII: Maria" (Magdalena)
Adam O'Farrill - "Verboten Chant" (El Maquech)

Ambrose Akinmusire - "Umteyo" (A Rift In Decorum: Live at the Village Vanguard)
Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra - "Blue In Green" (Time/Life)
*Carn-Davidson 9 - "Family Portrait" (Murphy!)
Gary Peacock Trio - "Empty Forest" (Tangents)
Larry Goldings - "Toy Tune" (Toy Tunes)
Cameron Graves - "Planetary Prince" (Planetary Prince)
Justin Brown - "Lots for Nothin'" (NYEUSI)