Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jazz Euphoriumm Playlist for December 21, 2011

Top 10 CDs for 2011

Host: Lawrence Joseph

1.  Brahja Walddman - The Holy Ghost  (Self) (4:48)
2.  Bill Dixon - Envoi Section I  (Victo) (24:31)
3.  Matana Roberts - Kersaia (Constellation) (7:33)
4.  David Ware - Crystal Palace (Aum Fidelity) (3:40)
5.  Billy Bang - Nobody Hear the Music the Same Way (NoBusiness) (12:17)
6.  Shift - Shot  (Leo) 6:14
7.  Bozzini Quartet - 4 solos violents (1:39) (Collection QB)
8.  Thom Gossage - Inari (Songlines)  (7:52)
9.  Olaf Rupp - Shantung (Creative Sources) (25:48)
10. Dixie's Death Pool - Sunlight is Collecting on my Face (Drip Audio) (5:40)

11. Bernard Stepien Orchestra - Hark! The Herald Angel Sings/Infinite Spirit (Self) (2:02)

Montreal Mirror Top 10s for 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th, 2001

Monsieur B interviews Sam Vipond

Listen to Entire Show:
  JazzEu12.14.11 by Jazz Euphorium

Tune in to CKUT 90.3FM

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playlist, November 30, 2011

Host: David Ryshpan

Bill Evans - "Gloria's Step" (Sunday at the Village Vanguard)
Keith Jarrett - "You & the Night & the Music" (At the Deer Head Inn)
Frank Kimbrough - "Conception Vessel" (Play)
Paul Motian - "Wednesday" (Time and Time Again)
Paul Motian - "Justice (Evidence)" (Monk in Motian)
Paul Motian Band - "Mandeville" (Psalm)
SFJazz Collective - "Family" (Live 2011)
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - "Eye of the Dove" (The Race Riot Suite)
Miguel Zenón - "Tiemblas" (Alma Adentro)
*Ben Henriques - "A Theory of Consumption" (The Responsibility Club)
Maria Schneider - "Journey Home" (Allégresse)
Fabian Almazan - "H.U.Gs (Historically Under-represented Groups" (Personalities)
Gilad Hekselman - "The Bucket Kicker" (Hearts Wide Open)
Starlicker - "Andromeda" (Double Demon)
Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet - "Part II: Strike" (Apparent Distance)
Amir ElSaffar's Two Rivers Ensemble - "Inana's Dance (I-III)" (Inana)
*BEAN - "Fava" (s/t)

May Paul Motian rest in peace. Check out Peter Hum's Jazzblog for many remembrances from notable musicians.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jazz Euphorium Playlist - Wednesday November 23, 2011

Host:  Lawrence Joseph

1 - Shibusashirazu Orchestra - Kujira (15:50)
    Something Difference (1994) Chitei Records

2 - Iskra 1903 - Cohesion 2B (12:43)
    Goldsmiths (2011) Emanem (recorded March 9 1972)
3 - Hasler / Paeffgen / Berger - Holtondimi (7:06)
    Self titled No Business Records (2011)

4 - Brahja Waldman's Quertet - The Quickness of the Spirit (7:38)
    Self-titled Self released (2011)
5 - Frank Lozano Montreal Quartet -  Twelve Toes / Leuvin Country (10:25)
    Destin Efendi (2011)
6 - Trio Derome Guilbault Tanguay - 17 West (4:36)
    Ambiance Magnetique

7 - Joe McPhee / Michael Zerang - Rise / After the Flood (9:18)
    Creole Gardens A New Orleans Suite No Business Records (2011)
8 - Darius Jones Trio - A Train (6:05)
    Big Gurl Aum Fidelity
9 - Aki Takase / Han Bennink - Locomotive (3:52)
    Two for Two (Intakt) (2011)

10 - Daniel Erdmann / Samuel Rohrer - Broken Tails (8:25)
     How to Catch a Cloud (2011) Intakt
11 - Jurg Wickihalder European Quartet - Last Jump (10:58)

12 - Miles Espanol - Flamenco Sketches (7:09)
     New Sketches of Spain Entertainment One          

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jazz Euphorium November 16th

On This Week's Jazz Euphorium, we take a listen to the music of Juma Sultan's
Aboriginal Music Society off the Father Of Origin Box set just put out on the
Eremite Label

1. Fan Dance, part I

2. Fan Dance, part II
3. Fan Dance, part III
4. Ode to a Gypsy Son
5. untitled
6. Sundance
7. untitled

8. untitled, part II

From Eremite's Site:

Deep archeology into a long buried & previously undocumented chapter in the history of the early ’70s loft era brings forth the revelatory Father of Origin (MTE-54/55/56), Eremite’s box set retrospective of percussionist/bassist Juma Sultan’s Aboriginal Music Society.  Drawn from Sultan’s mammoth private archive of recordings, this ground-breaking set includes two audiophile LPs & a CD, a 28 page 12x12" book featuring previously unpublished photographs & ephemera & a detailed historical essay by jazz scholar Michael Heller, all manufactured to highest quality-freak standards.  This old-school multi-media extravaganza exposes some of the most extraordinary & explosive free jazz of the period to the light of day for the first time.

 Established by Sultan & percussionist Ali Abuwi in Woodstock in 1968, Aboriginal Music Society was both a radical arts presenting organization & a killer band.  Dedicated to musician self-sufficiency and stubbornly non-commercial, AMS waged guerrilla cultural warfare against mainstream America from strongholds in rural Woodstock & from lofts on New York’s Lower East Side.  For ten years, Sultan & the loose alliance of like-minded musicians in AMS produced independent concerts, owned & operated its own recording studio, & collaborated with legendary artist-run New York loft space Studio We on performances & educational programs.  But during that whole time, they never released a record.

Inspired by an emerging understanding of African cultures & the political ideas of the black power movement, AMS synthesized an African approach to percussion and collective performance with the revolutionary jazz of its day.  In open-ended free improvisations they played an incendiary mix of massive trap kit & hand drum grooves & heaven-storming free jazz.  The music was a cry of freedom, a declaration of black cultural artistic & political independence; & until now it has not been heard since the day it was made.

Father of Origin for the first time reveals the cross fertilization between the New York loft scene & an extremely rich Woodstock music scene, a powerful confluence of artists & sensibilities that has long gone unacknowledged.  In Woodstock Sultan & Abuwi were tight with members of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, including saxophonist Gene Dinwiddie, guitarist Ralph Walsh, bassist Rod Hicks, & the late, great AACM drummer Philip Wilson, all of whom crop up on different sessions in Father of Origin.  Sultan himself easily bridged musical genres.  He was a member of Jimi Hendrix’s Gypsy Sun & Rainbows & performed in the band's legendary Woodstock Festival concert.  In New York, AMS worked with a huge cross section of the wildly fertile & creative loft scene, including saxophonists Frank Lowe & Julius Hemphill, trumpeter Earl Cross, cellist Abdul Wadud, & drummer Charles “Bobo” Shaw, who are all heard from on Father of Origin.

The first of the set’s two LPs, a 1970 Boston studio date, features a New York-Woodstock sextet—including Sultan, Abuwi, Dinwiddie, Wilson, Walsh, & Cross—engaged in a characteristically percussion-heavy improvisation.  The African-to-free percussion maintains a relentless rhythmic pressure on the band, and Dinwiddie responds with a powerful performance whose genuine free-jazz fire will completely re-write the book on the late saxophonist.  The fourteen minute "Ode to a Gypsy Son," Sultan's meditation on Hendrix, finds Sultan, Abuwi & Cross over-dubbing flutes, home-made wind instruments, chanting & percussion into a startlingly original & deeply psychedelic veneration.

The other vinyl disc features a private jam session by Sultan, Abuwi, & saxophonist Frank Lowe at the Broadway headquarters of AMS.  Recorded in April 1971, it predates by several months Lowe's recording debut on Alice Coltrane's World Galaxy & by over two years his debut recording as a leader, the classic ESP side Black Beings, making it the earliest example of the free jazz titan’s music currently available.  The circumstances were casual, but definitely not the music.  Lowe was reaching a coruscating early career peak & the percussionists goad him to some very intense playing.  The session is the best illustration we have of Lowe's stated early ambition to fuse Pharaoh Sanders & John Coltrane into a single cosmic cry.

The CD features yet another historic meeting—an undated concert with the Woodstock crew & a trio of Midwesterners recently relocated to New York—saxophonist Julius Hemphill, cellist Abdul Wadud, & drummer Charles “Bobo” Shaw, all members of the St. Louis music & arts collective, Black Artists Group.  Wadud & Hemphill are outstanding in this sprawling Aboriginal Music Society collective improvisation with soloists weaving in & out of the teeming drums & percussion.

Whenever they performed—whether in the studio, the bandstand, in private jam sessions or on the Woodstock village green—Juma Sultan & the Aboriginal Music Society played with a full sense of the occasion.  Every opportunity to make music was an event and they knew it, throwing everything they had into the music every time.  Father of Origin presents three of the most memorable of those events, played by a band previously lost to history.

Father of Origin is presented in a heavyweight telescoping box in paper wraps screen-printed by Alan Sherry at Siwa, who also screen-printed the LP sleeves, CD jacket & additional loose memorabilia.  Audio restoration & mastering from the original analog tapes by Michael King at Reel Recordings.  LPs cut by Steve Fallone at Sterling & manufactured by RTI.  Edition of 600 copies.  First 100 copies purchased at include a promo only 7" featuring two-track "dub" re-mixes by Joshua Abrams of 'Ode to a Gypsy Son' & MTE-55 'untitled'.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jazz Euphorium - Wednesday October 19, 2011

Host: Lawrence Joseph

1.  Paul Bley Quintet - Ictus - ESP Disk (5:40)
2.  Marion Brown Quartet - Capricorn Moon - ESP Disk (22:28)
3.  Brahja Waldman's Quartet - The Quickness of the Spirit - self (7:36)
4.  Remi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble - Donna Lee - Effendi (7:16)
5.  Lina Allemano Four - Wayne's Shorts - Lumo records (5:20)
6.  Anthony Braxton & Dave Holland - The Song is You - Sackville (11:44)
7.  Anthony Braxton - No. 69 M - Black Saint (7:14)
8.  John Coltrane - Mars - Impulse Records (10:41)
9.  Olaf Rupp / Joe Williamson / Tony Buck - Shantung - Creative Sources (25:48)
10. Aki Takase & Han Bennink - Hat and Beard - Intakt (3:12)  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Collective Wonder - SFJAZZ Collective preview

Launched in 2004, the SFJAZZ Collective regularly unites eight of modern jazz's most compelling voices. Each year, the octet comes together during a multi-week residency in San Francisco to create new work and pay homage to a selected composer. Past honorees have included Ornette Coleman, McCoy Tyner and John Coltrane; this year, the group has chosen to tip its hat to Stevie Wonder. This year's incarnation features alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón (the only member to have been in each iteration of SFJAZZ since 2004), tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, trumpeter Avishai Cohen, Robin Eubanks on trombone, Stefon Harris on vibraphone, Matt Penman on bass, Eric Harland on drums (who will be subbed by Kendrick Scott in Montreal), and pianist Edward Simon.

Simon, entering his second year in SFJAZZ, calls it "one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences of my career." Having played extensively with Harland, Turner and Zenón, his contributions to the group are highly informed by his history with these artists. Simon admits to only being "vaguely familiar with [Wonder's] music; I really didn't investigate it deeply until preparing for this project." Nevertheless, his arrangement of "My Cherie Amour" and his composition, "Young and Playful," are two of the standouts in SFJAZZ's repertoire this year.

SFJAZZ Collective plays the music of Stevie Wonder tonight, Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at L'Astral at 8 pm. Tickets are $31.50 (plus taxes). More information at and

- David Ryshpan

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Playlist October 5, 2011

Artist - Album - Song

René Sandoval 4 - Action/Reaction - Try Me
*Gypsophilia - Constellation - Montreal (October 6 @ Upstairs, 8pm)
Build an Ark - The Stars are Singing Too (10 Years) - Mother (Nate Morgan Solo Rhodes)
*Harris Eisenstadt - Canada Day II - Cobble Hook

Andrew Hill - Black Fire - Pumpkin
Jan Shyu & Mark Dresser - Synastry - Floods, Flames, Blades
Kneebody - You Can Have Your Moment - No Thank You Mr. West
Brad Shepik Quartet - Across The Way - Garden
Adam Rudolph & Moving Pictures with Organic Orchestra Strings - Both/And - Love's Light

L'OFF Festival de Jazz PREVIEW

*Tania Gill Quartet - Bolger Station - Bicycle (October 9 @ Upstairs, 9:30pm)
*Maïkotron Unit - Ex-Voto - Tabula... (October 14 @ Casa del Popolo, 10:30pm)
*Cheminées Roulées - OFF! Jazz Festival Compilation - La Qunizaine & Le Point sur le I (October 11 @ Casa Del Popolo, 10:30pm)

*Collard-Neven/Derome/Tanguay - OFF! Jazz Festival Compilation - Rencontre Cinéma et Musique (On-air giveaway - October 11 @ Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, 8pm)
*Brahja Waldman Quartet - Brahja Waldman Quartet - Sermon of the Inanimate (October 12 @ Casa Del Popolo, 10:30pm)
*Trio Jean-François Groulx - OFF! Jazz Festival Compilation - Voyage Part 1 (October 8 @ Dièse Onze, 5pm)
*Murray Street Band feat. Joe McPhee - Live @ L'envers
*Thom Gossage & Other Voices - In Other Words - Your Number(s) (October 13 @ Sala Rossa, 8pm)
*Quartette Alexandre Côté - Jackie's Elements (October 12 @ Dièse Onze, 5pm)

My Silence - It Only Happens At Night - The Secret Dreams of Mothers To Be
Eric Hofbauer & the Infrared Band - Level - Murder For A Jar of Red Rum

*Adrian Vedady - In Three Acts - Little Sketch (October 9 @ Dièse Onze, 5pm)

Host: Parker Mah

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

Hosted by Alanna

Max Roach - Drums Unlimited - Nommo

Eddie Rosner - Caravan - Caravan

School Days (Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Henry Grimes, Dennis Charles) - Improvisations on compositions by Thelonious Monk - Bye-ya

Art Blakey and the new jazz messengers - Buttercorn Lady - Secret Love

Max Roach and Abdullah Ibrahim - Streams of consciousness - Streams of consciousness

John Coltrane (with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Donald Garrett, Pharoah Sanders, Elvin Jones, Frank Butler, Juno Lewis) - Kulu Sé Mama - Kulu Sé Mama

David Binney (with Bill Frisell, Craig Taborn, Eivind Opsvik, Kenny Wollesen) - Out of Airplanes - The forgotten Gems

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin - Rise

Gordon Grdinaès Box Cutter (Gordon Grdina, Francois Houle, Karlis Silins, Kenton Loewen) - New Rules for Noise - The Bad News

Chet Baker and Flea talk about Clifford Brown

Maikotron Unit (Michel Cote, Pierre Cote, Michel Lambert)- Ex-voto - Mare

Der Heisser

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 21, 2011

Host: Stephanie Khoury
Matthew Shipp, Songs: “There Will Never Be Another you”
Joe McPhee, Nation Time: “Nation Time”
Mace Hibbard, Time Gone By: “Slip and Slide”
Wadada Leo Smith – Organic, Heart’s Reflections: “The Well: From Bitter to Fresh Sweet Water”
Farmers be Nature (Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, Craig Taborn), Out of This World’s Distortions: “For Fred Anderson”
Didier Petit, Don’t Explain (3 Faces): “Alfonsina Y El Mar”
Francois Houle, Aerials: “Tuilerie”
The Reggie Workman Ensemble, Synthesis: “Earthly Garden”
Bill Dixon, Tapestries for Small Orchestra: “Slivers: Sand Dance for Sophia”
Hamid Drake and Sabir Mateen: Brothers Together: “Brothers Together”
Sun Ra and His Arkestra: Love in Outer Space - Live at Utrecht: “Love in Outer Space – Space is the Place”

Friday, August 19, 2011

Playlist: Wednesday August 17th, 2011

Hosted by Katerina

Exploding Star Orchestra - Impression #1 (Stars Have Shapes, Delmark, 2010)

Anna Webber - Parallelissimo I (Third Floor People, Nowt Records, 2010)

Harris Eisenstadt - To See/Tootie (Canada Day II, Songlines, 2011)

Meredith Monk - Travelling (Dolmen Music, ECM, 1981)

Patty Waters - Wild Is The Wind (College Tour, ESP-Disk, 1966)

William Parker/ In Order To Survive (Cooper-Moore/ Rob Brown/ Susie Ibarra) - Posium Pendasem #1 (The Peach Orchard, Aum Fidelity, 1998)

Joelle Léandre/ François Houle/ Raymond Strid - Last Seen Headed II (Last Seen Headed - Live at Sons d'Hiver, Ayler Records, 2010)

Bang on a Can - Amalia's Secret (Classics, Cantaloupe Music, 2002)

Nicole Mitchell/ Black Earth Ensemble - Sanctuary: Aaya's Rainbow (Vision Quest, Dreamtime Records, 2001)

Lawrence Ferlinghetti/ The Cellar Jazz Quintet of San Francisco - Junkman's Obbligato, 1957 recording (A Coney Island of the Mind, New Directions, 2008)

Liberty Ellman - You Have Ears (Ophiuchus Butterfly, Pi Recordings, 2006)

Kornstad Trio (Hakon Kornstad/ Mats Eilertsen/ Paal Nilssen-Love) - Arched Shape (Space Available, Jazzland, 2001)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Playlist August 10, 2011

Host Steph Khoury

Vijay Iyer, Prasanna, Nitin Mitta, Tirtha: “Entropy and Time”
John Zorn, Nova Express: “Lost Words”
John Zorn, Nova Express: “Between Two Worlds”
John Zorn, Nova Express: “Blue Veil”
Henri Texier, Canto Negro: “Sueno Canto”
Zimbo Trio, Bossa Nova and The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s: “Zimbo Samba”           
Jorge Ben, Bossa Nova and The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s: “Rosa, Menina Rosa”           
Joao Gilberto, Bossa Nova and The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s: “O Sapo”           
Gilberto Gil, Bossa Nova and The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s: “Viramundo”           
Bill Frisell & Vinicius Cantuária, Lágrimas Mexicanas: “Cafezinho”
Bill Frisell & Vinicius Cantuária, Lágrimas Mexicanas: “Lágrimas Mexicanas”
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo, Zakopane: “Inori”
Kenny Wheeler, One of Many: “Anticipation”
Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, Electric Fruit: “Metallic Dragon Fruit”
Kit Downes Trio, Quiet Tiger: “Fonias”
Paolo Fresu, A Filetta Corsican Voices, Daniele di Bonaventura, Mistico Mediterraneo: “Sanctus”                        
Steve Earle, Treme: Music From The HBO Original Series, Season 1: “This City”           
Soul Rebels Brass Band, Treme: Music From The HBO Original Series, Season 1: “Drinka Little Poison (4 U Die)”
Scott Fields Ensemble, Fugu: ”The Plagiarist“           
Regina Carter, Reverse Thread: “Mwana Talitambula”
The Peter Evans Quartet, Live in Lisbon: “For ICP”  
Rebirth Brass Band, Treme: Music From The HBO Original Series, Season 1: “Feel Like Funkin' It Up”

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jazz Euphorium August 03

Ok, so i apoligize - not a wide selection of different artists - i came at teh show very last minute - and needed to finish a lot of station work so i played some full albums that i really wanted to listen to

More of a selection next week for sure!
LISTEN! to the Show

Brad Turner Quartet - It's That Time - it's that Time [Cellar Live]
Brad Turner Quartet - It's That Time - Nicole[Cellar Live]
Brad Turner Quartet - It's That Time - Nevil[Cellar Live]
Brad Turner Quartet - It's That Time  - Bread Sandwich[Cellar Live]
Brad Turner Quartet - It's That Time- Silent World[Cellar Live]

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter One:
 Les Gens de Couleur Libre [Constellation Records]

(i played the whole album... it is fantastic , recorded in 2010 in Montreal with an arsenal of local musicians who had worked and played with Matana during the period she spent in Montreal from 2008-2010) Check it out here: Constellation Records
I remember seeing a Coin Coin performance i at La Brique on My Birthday a few years back, this recording really captures the tension and emotions of her coin coin series, of which this release is but a chapter - i am hopeful that Roberts will continue to tell her story through sound and embodied improvisation.


Nina Simone - At New Port - Trouble In Mind

Sun Ra Arkestra - Nuclear War - Nuclear War
(it got cut off - so here it is:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011

artist - album - song

john coltrane -- my favorite things
parc x trio - cent questions sans reponse - dear mr. b
richard underhill - from spirit - when you fall in love
bill frisell - east west - heard it through the grapevine
john scofield - works for me - i'll catch you
brad mehldau - highway rider - highway rider
pat metheny - day trip - day trip
mostly other people do the killing - this is our moosic - drainlick
dennis gonzalez yells at eels - cape of storms - interlude: gecka
the nightcrawlers - down in the bottom - esperanto
greg ruby quartet - look both ways - look both ways
alex dean quintet - at this point - mr. bc
bill evans trio - highlights from turn out the stars - my foolish heart
oscar peterson trio - plays my fair lady and fiorello - where do i go from here?
max roach - parisian sketches - parisian sketches

host: matt testa

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playlist: Wednesday July 13th, 2011

Hosted by Katerina

Mary Halvorson, Weasel Walter, Peter Evans - Yantok Salak Kapok  (Electric Fruit, Thirsty Ear, 2011)

Satoko Fujii ma-do - Ripple Mark  (Desert Ship, Not Two Records, 2011)

Craig Taborn - Bodies We Came Out Of  (Light Made Lighter, Thirsty Ear, 2001)

Véronique Dubois/ François Carrier - Otto Dix  (Being With, Leo Records, 2010)

Natsuki Tamura - Blues for myself  (A Song For Jyaki, Leo Records, 1998)

Presence trio (Chris Burns/Nicolas Caloia/John Heward) - presence #3  (Montréal Free!, No Type, 2003)

PO "provocative operations" (John Heward/Sam Shalabi/Alexandre St-Onge/Rainer Wiens) - V (Montréal Free!, No Type, 2003)

Henry Threadgill Zooid - Lying Eyes  (This Brings Us To Volume II, Pi Recordings, 2010)

Brahja Waldman's Quartet! - The Quickness of the Spirit  (Brahja Waldman's Quartet!, 2011)

William Parker/ In Order To Survive (William Parker/Cooper-Moore/Rob Brown/Susie Ibarra) - Thot  (The Peach Orchard, Aum Fidelity, 1998)

Don Cherry/Krzysztof Penderecki - Humus - The Life Exploring Force  (Actions, Intuition Records Reissue, 2001)

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Charlie M  (Full Force, ECM Records, 1980)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Playlist July 6, 2011

Host: David Ryshpan

Dan Tepfer - "All I Heard Was Nothing" (Five Pedals Deep)
*Fieldtrip - "I am the Impostor" (No Destination)
*Jazzlab - "Phil's Spirit" (Octo Portraits)
*Lina Allemano Four - "Cannonball Adderley Tattoo" (Jargon)
*Marie-Claire Durand Quintet - "Ressac" (Mai)
*Christine Jensen - "Arbutus" (Treelines)
*Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - "Habeas Corpus (for Maher Arar)" (Infernal Machines)
*Talkover: Mike Murley Septet - "Tide Line" (Still Rollin')
*Chet Doxas - "The Walk Will Do You Good" (Big Sky)
*Kite - "Fergie's Funeral" (s/t)
*God's Gift to Yoda - "OK Boy" (This Album is Not for People)
*Turtleboy - "Smart Matter" (Smart Matter)
*Indigone Trio & Strings - "Driscollage" (Cycles)
*Quinsin Nachoff - "There and Back" (Magic Numbers)
*Parc-X Trio - "Juggling Under Water" (Cent questions sans réponse)
Joe Lovano Us Five - "Moose the Mooche" (Bird Songs)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playlist June 29, 2011 - MONTREAL JAZZ FEST 2011

*Roberto López - Soy Panamericano - Ritmo Tecnicolor (@ Tropiques Bell stage, June 29, 8pm)
*Rémi Bolduc - Hommage à Charlie Parker - Parker's Mood

Kenny Werner - Form and Fantasy Vol. 1 - Amonkst (@ Upstairs, June 29, 7pm & 10pm)

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier & Alex Lefaivre from the PARC-X TRIO
*Parc-X Trio - Cent Questions Sans Réponse - P-Mix
*Parc-X Trio - Cent Questions Sans Réponse - Juggling Under Water
*Parc-X Trio - Cent Questions Sans Réponse - Daybreak
(@ TD Stage, June 30, 6pm, and @ Botanical Gardens, July 2)

Ari Hoenig / Jean-Michel Pilc / Johannes Weidenmueller - Inversations - Anthropology (@ Gésu, July 1, 10:30pm)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - Mother Tongue - Konkani (w/ Bunky Green & Apex @ Gésu, June 29, 10:30pm)
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Straight Ahead - Four (w/ Richard Galliano @ Théâtre Maisonneuve, July 1, 9:30pm
Cyrus Chestnut - Revelation - Macdaddy (@ Gésu, July 3, 10:30pm)

*Marianne Trudel Septet - Espoir et autres pouvoirs - Hantise, Mon Coeur est un village fantôme (@ L'astral, June 30, 6pm)
*Pierre Labbé & Tremblement de Fer - OFF! Festival Compilation - Freeleux (@ L'astral, July 1, 6pm)
*Erik Hove - Soundclash - Mental Fitness
Don Byron - Bug Music - St. Louis Blues (w/ the New Gospel Quintet @ Gésu, July 1, 6pm
Magos Herrera - Distancia - Reencuentro (@ Rio Tinto Alcan Stage, July 2, 10pm)Kurt Rosenwinkel - Deep Song - Synthetics (@ Cinquième Salle, July 3, 10pm)

Host: Parker Mah (@thought_cast)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Playlist: Wednesday June 15th, 2011

Hosted by Katerina

Bill Frisell - Probability Cloud - History, Mystery, Nonesuch, 2008

Fred Anderson - Job Market Blues - Back at the Velvet Lounge, Delmark Records, 2003

Brandi Disterheft - Dah Knee Low - Debut, Superfran Records, 2007

Eric Dolphy - Straight Up and Down - Out to Lunch, Blue Note Reissue BLP 4163

Satoko Fujii Quartet - Tatsu Take, Minerva, Libra Records, 2002

Mary Halvorson, Weasel Walter, Peter Evans - Mangosteen 3000 A.D. - Electric Fruit, Thirsty Ear, 2011

Old and New Dreams (Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell) - Playing - Playing, ECM, 1981

Matana Roberts - I Am - Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libres, Constellation, 2011

Susie Ibarra & Assif Tsahar - Ambrosia - Home Cookin', Hopscotch Records, 1999

Queen Mab (Marilyn Lerner & Lori Freedman) - Barbie's Other Shoe - Audio Artists in Residence: Video Pool Compilation 1992 -1997, 1998

Steve Lacy & Brion Gysin - Gay Paree Bop - Songs, Hat Hut Records Reissue, 2006

L.S. Ellis - Secreted Blues - Children In Peril Suite, Music & Arts, 1997

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - Celestial Sky and All the Magic: A Memorial For Lester Bowie - Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet, Tzadik, 2000

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Playlist June 8, 2011

Montreal International Jazz Festival PREVIEW SHOW

Artist - Album - Song

Brad Mehldau & Joshua Redman - Highway Rider - Old West (@ Théâtre Maisonneuve, Sunday June 26, 9:30pm)
Woody Shaw - Imagination - Stormy Weather

*Jazz Amnesty Sound System (DJ Andy Williams & Sweet Daddy Luv) - @ Casa del Popolo, Wednesday June 8, 9pm)
Roland Brival - Creole Gypsy - Creole Gypsy
Johnny Dyani - Angolian Cry - Angolian Cry

Lee Konitz / Alexandra Grimal / Paul Motian - Owls Talk - Owls Talk (Lee Konitz @ Upstairs, Sunday and Monday, June 26 & 27 --> CANCELLED)
Sly Johnson & Erik Truffaz - Paris - Nina's Dream (@ L'Astral, Sunday June 26, 9pm)

*Parc-X Trio - The Parc - Two O'Clock in the Morning (Album Launch June 28, Performance @ Scène TD Thursday June 30, 6pm)
Premier Roeles - Ka Da Ver - Waltzing Joe

*Interview w/ Sean Winters
*Sean Winters - Untitled 

*Roberto Lopez Project - Soy Panamericano - Descarga in Montreal (@ Scène Bell, Wednesday June 29, 8pm)
Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos - The Prosthetic Cubans - Postizo (@ Théâtre Jean Duceppe, Saturday June 26, 8pm)
La Excelencia - Salsa Dura (@ Scène TD, Thursday June 30, 9pm)

Yaron Herman - A Time for Everything - El Toro (@ L'Astral, Monday June 4, 9pm)
Rima Khcheich - Yalallali - Ma Baareef Oud (My Funny Valentine)
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - One Day In Brooklyn - The Black & Crazy Blues (@ L'Astral, Friday July 1, 9pm)

*John Roney - Rate of Change Suite - Go (@ Scène TD, Saturday June 25, 6pm, with Remy-Jean Leblanc and Greg Ritchie)
Hugh Masekela - Lasting Impressions of Ooga-Booga - Dzinorabiro (@ Club Soda, Monday June 27, 7pm)
Ernest Ranglin - Below the Bassline - Surfin' (w/ Steel Pulse @ Métropolis, Sunday June 26, 8:30pm)
Jaga Jazzist - A Living Room Hush - Made for Radio ( @ Club Soda, Friday July 1, 11pm)
Mavis Staples & Lucky Peterson - Spirituals and Gospel - He's got the whole world in his hands (Lucky Peterson @ Scène Loto-Québec, Wednesday June 29, 9pm & 11pm)

Host: Parker Mah

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Playlist June 1, 2011

Host: David Ryshpan

Dan Tepfer Trio - "All I Heard Was Nothing" (Five Pedals Deep)
Orchestre National de Jazz - "Flying Dream (for Pierre Perchaud)" (Shut Up and Dance)
Erik Friedlander - "Transpontine" (Bonebridge)
Tevet Sela - "Existence" (Coming True) [@ O Patro Vys June 4]
Interview w/ Tevet Sela
Tevet Sela - "Small Steps" (Coming True)
Ben Allison - "Jackie-ing" (Action-Refraction)
Jerome Sabbagh - "Work" (One Two Three)
Talkover: *Amanda Tosoff - "Got It" (Looking North)
Satoko Fujii's ma-do - "Heat Wave" (Heat Wave) [@ Sala Rossa June 19]
Gerald Cleaver/William Parker/Craig Taborn - "In Trees" (Farmers By Nature) [@ Sala Rossa June 21]
Joe Fiedler - "Sacred Chrome Orb" (Sacred Chrome Orb)
James Weidman - "Razz 2.0" (Three Worlds)
Eric Harland - "Treachery" (Voyager: Live By Night)
Anthony Wilson - "Valsacatu" (Campo Belo)
*Marie-Claire Durand Quintet - "Ressac" (Mai)
Honey Ear Trio - "Steampunk Serenade" (Steampunk Serenade)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playlist May 25th, 2011

*Gord Grdina Trio feat. Mats Gustafson - Barrel Fire - En Shakoota (Drip Audio)

*Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter One: Les Gens de Couleur Libres - How Much Would You Cost? (Contellation)
Cuong Vu 4-tet - Leaps of Faith - Body and Soul (Origin)
*Brahja Waldman's Quartet! - s/t - Sermon of the Inanimate (indie - Jeunes Volontaires)

Dennis González Yells at Eels feat. Louis Moholo-Moholo - Cape of Storms -  Document for Walt Dickerson (Ayler Records)
Weasel Walter / Mary Halvorson / Peter Evans - Electric Fruit - The Pseudocarp Walks Among Us (Thirsty Ear)
*Atomic Five - s/t - Fluorescent [Wolf] (Effendi)
Charles Evans & Neil Shah - Live at Saint Stephens - Mono Monk (Hot Cup)

*Septet Marianne Trudel - Espoir et d'autres Pouvoirs - Rires sur la grève  (Effendi)
Larry Goldings - Caminhos Cruzados - Ho-ba-la-la (RCA)
*Jason Sharp - Mobius - March of the Okapis (indie) [with David S. Ware @ La Sala Rossa, June 14]

SUONI PER IL POPOLO festival preview:

Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, Craig Taborn - Farmers by Nature - Korteh Khah (AUM) [@ La Sala Rossa, June 21]
*Jazz Amnesty Sound System Set:
Herbie Mann - At the Village Gate - New York is a Jungle Festival (Atlantic)
Charlie Mingus / Max Roach - Mingus at the Bohemia - Percussion Discussion (Debut / Fantasy)
Eddie Jefferson - Things are Getting Better - Freedom Jazz Dance (Muse)
[@ Casa del Popolo, Old Room, June 8 - FREE show]

Charles Gayle - Time Zones - Rhythm Twins (Tompkins Square) [@ Casa del Popolo, June 8]
Satoko Fujii & Natsuki Tamara - Chun - Tokyo Rush Hour (Libra) [@ La Sala Rossa, June 19]
Atomic - Boom Boom - Hyper (Universal) [@ La Sala Rossa, June 23]
*Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2 - Red Horse (Judges II) [@ La Sala Rossa, June 17]
Full Blast Trio - Black Hole - Teilchencrash (Atavistic) [@ La Sala Rossa, June 22]

Chicago Underground Duo - Boca Negra - Green Ants
Henry Grimes / Rashied Ali - Spirits Aloft - Rapid Transit (Porter)

Host: Parker Mah

Friday, May 13, 2011

Playlist May 11, 2011

Hosted by Steph Khoury and Mel Backstrom
Ivan Garzon Trio, Since Then: “Espina” [2011]
Joelle Leandre & India Cooke, Journey: “Journey I” [2010]
John Zorn, Nova Express: “IC 2118” [2011]
Geri Allen, Flying Towards the Sun: “Dancing Mystic Poets at Midnight” [2010]
Michael Formanek, The Rub and the Spare Change: “Twenty Three Neo” [2010]
Ray Brown, Bass Face: “Bass Face” [1993]
Brad Mehldau, Live in Marciac: “Exit Music (for a film)” [2011]
Henry Texier, Canto Negro: “De Nada” [2011]
Aeroplane Trio, Naranja Ha: “Callejuela” [2010]
Amanda Tosoff, Looking North: “Sounds Through the Window” [2010]
Matana Roberts, Coin Coin Chapter One: Les Gens de Couleur Libres: “Kersalia” [2011]
Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, Electric Fruit Jazz: “Scuppernong Malfunction” [2011]
Satoko Fuli Orchestra Tokyo, Zakophone: “Desert Ship” [2010]
Regina Carter, Reverse Thread: “Artistiya” [2010]
Patricia Barber, Monday Night Live at the Green Mill, Vol. 2: “On the Road Again” [2011]

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Playlist: Wednesday May 4th, 2011

Hosted by Katerina

Act I:

Peter Brotzmann Group - Machine Gun - Fuck de Boere, Atavistic, 2001

Anna Webber - Parallelissimo II - Third Floor People, Nowt Records, 2010

Dominic Duval/ John Heward/ Joe McPhee - Undersound 4 - Undersound, Leo Records, 2000

Patty Waters - Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair - Sings, ESP-Disk, 1965

Braveheart - Give it Time - Acoustic Music, 2011

Act II: Standards Hour!

The Ornette Coleman Quartet - Embraceable You - This Is Our Music, Atlantic Reissue, 1998

Anthony Braxton - You Go to My Head, Pt.2 - Donna Lee, America Records, 2004

Thelonious Monk - I Surrender, Dear - Brilliant Corners, Riverside Records Reissue, 2004

Charles Mingus - A Foggy Day - Passions of A Man: The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1956-61, Rhino 1997

Charles Mingus - Sophisticated Lady - Cornell 1964, Blue Note, 2007

Coleman Hawkins - All the Things You Are - Hawkins! Alive! At the Village Gate, Universal Reissue, 2003

Max Roach Quintet - You Stepped Out of a Dream - Conversation, Jazzland Mono JLP 79, 1962

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playlist April 27, 2010

Host: David Ryshpan

Bebop Trio - "Celia" (s/t)
*Amanda Tosoff - "Sounds Through the Window" (Looking North) [@ Upstairs May 21]
*Carlos Jimenez - "Undercurrents" (Undercurrents)
*Marie-Claire Durand - "Quick Choice" (Mai)
Joe Lovano Us Five - "Moose the Mooche" (Bird Songs)
Cuong Vu - "All the Things You Are" (Leaps of Faith)

32nd Montreal Jazz Fest Indoor Preview
*Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - "Transit" (Infernal Machines) [@ Gésu June 29]
Brad Mehldau - "Things Behind the Sun/Lithium" (Live in Marciac) [solo @ Gésu June 25, w/ Joshua Redman @ Theatre Maisonneuve June 26]
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - "Bateau" (Party Intellectuals) [@Theatre Jean-Duceppe June 25; Cubanos Postizos June 26; Caged Funk June 27] 

Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody - "At The River" (Twelve Songs by Charles Ives)
Michael Formanek - "Twenty Three Neo" (The Rub and Spare Change
Peter Scherr - "Lucky 13" (Son of August)
Scott Amendola - "Blues for Istanbul" (Lift)
*Quinsin Nachoff - "Astral Echo Poem" (Fomo)
Jazz Big Band Graz w/ John Hollenbeck - "Just Like Him" (Joys and Desires)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FIJM 2011 indoor picks

NB: These are David's picks and in no way represent the views of the rest of the Jazz Euphorium collective or CKUT 90.3 as a whole. Ahem. Now with that out of the way...

The complete indoor programming has been announced for the 32nd edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival. And while, as Peter Hum writes of the Ottawa counterpart, many will bemoan the big name pop headliners like Robert Plant and Peter Frampton, there's a good chunk of phenomenal jazz & world music in the program as well. Let's get to it:

June 25
David Binney Quartet (6 pm, Gésu) - one of the premier voices of modern jazz over the past 15 years, Binney brings his working band of David Virelles (the Cuban pianist that won the Festival's Grand Prix a few years back), Eivind Opsvik and Dan Weiss.
Milton Nascimento (9:30 pm, Théâtre Maisonneuve) - an absolute legend of Brazilian music with his haunting voice in tact. FIJM books these Brazilian masters only once in a blue moon. I already have my ticket.

June 26
Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos (8 pm, Théâtre Jean-Duceppe) - I wore out these albums, paying tribute to the tres master Arsenio Rodriguez. Traditional Cuban music mixed with Ribot's punky, bluesy edge. Ribot is one of the three hosts of the Invitation series; he'll also be playing with his rock band Ceramic Dog and the project Caged Funk.
Brad Mehldau/Joshua Redman Duo (9:30 pm, Théâtre Maisonneuve) - My favourite moments of Mehldau's Highway Rider feature Redman.This video of them tackling Nirvana's "Lithium" is a fantastic preview.
Anat Cohen (10:30 pm, Gésu) - she wowed at L'Astral last time round with her powerfully swinging mix of modern jazz influenced by klezmer and choro.

June 27
Lee Konitz & Dan Tepfer (7 & 10 pm, Upstairs) - An undisputed master with a buzz-worthy up-and-comer. They're also two highly sensitive improvisers. At Upstairs, it'll feel like eavesdropping on a conversation.
Esperanza Spalding's Chamber Music Society (9:30 pm, Théâtre Maisonneuve) - see: Grammy win. See also: Herbie Hancock's endorsement.

June 28
FLY (6 pm, Gésu) - this collaborative trio of Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard are three of my favourite player/composers. I still spin their first record obsessively. I believe this is their first time as a group at the festival.
Gretchen Parlato (9 pm, L'Astral) - considering she sold out Savoy for two nights last year, and that her new album The Lost and Foundhas garnered a lot of well-deserved buzz and is produced by FIJM darling Robert Glasper, this should sell out quickly and for good reason.

June 29
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (6 pm, Gésu) - For those who don't already know, go here and find out why.
Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (10:30 pm, Gésu) - Rudresh is deservedly becoming a regular here, and their collaborative albumApex was one of last year's best.

June 30
John Benitez Group f/ Yosvany Terry (7 & 10 pm & midnight, Upstairs) - See: my unabashed love for forward-thinking, burning Latin jazz. Benitez, among other accomplishments, is the bassist on Roy Hargrove's Habana record, my first real entry into Latin music and so he's important to me for sentimental reasons, aside from his deep pocket.

July 1
Don Byron New Gospel Quintet (6 pm, Gésu) - Don schooled us all in gospel at Banff in 2005, and even back then it was clear that this music communicated something very deep and powerful to him. With this band, he now communicates it to us all.
Sierra Maestra (7 pm, Club Soda) - put a legendary Cuban group in a small club and watch the roof explode.
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (9:30 pm, L'Astral) - Indigone had the pleasure of opening for these guys at Sala Rossa a couple of years back. They've embarked on two ambitious projects recently, one re-working Beethoven and the other The Race Riot Suite written by their lap steel guitarist, Chris Combs. A unique and mesmerizing group.
Jaga Jazzist (11 pm, Club Soda) - the groovy, electro-jazz wielding Norwegians are back. Someone hipped me to them years ago and I've never seen them live.

July 3
Jean-Pierre Zanella Homage to Don Alias (6 pm, L'Astral) - the legendary percussionist lived here for a while and served as a mentor to a generation of Montreal players. Saxophonist Zanella, who embodies Alias' musical polyglot nature, pays tribute with a cast of Montreal's finest, and guest bassist Gene Perla.
Christian McBride & Inside Straight (6 pm, Gésu) - the bassist who salutes James Brown and Ray Brown equally brings his swinging, straightahead formation to town.

July 4
Yaron Herman Trio (9 pm, L'Astral) - See: Nextbop. See also: the only pianist I know that counts Frisell, Britney Spears, Björk and "Hatikvah" among his repertoire.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playlist: April 13, 2011

(artist – album – song)

dexter gordon – doin' all right – I was doin' all right
john coltrane quartet – ballads – all or nothing at all
bill frisell, dave holland, elvin jones – s/t – blues dream
eric couture telmosse – projet 4 – frodo
greg ruby 4tet – look both ways – look both ways
jacky terrasson – smile – smile
5tet marie-claire durand – mai – doux (doux doux doux)
benoit delbecq – the sixth jump – pointe de la courte dune / bass page
ingrid jensen/project O – now as then – the night has a thousand eyes
carl allen – testimonial – dark & lovely
e.s.t. - strange place for snow – bound for the beauty of the south
bobo stenson - goodbye - there comes a time
keith jarrett, gary peacock, jack dejohnette - yesterdays - stella by starlight
brad mehldau - day is done - knives out
medeski martin & wood - tonic - hey joe
the bad plus - never stop - people like you

host: matt testa

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Playlist April 6th, 2011

In this show: two from Parisian pianist Karlos Rotsen's new album Bon-Air, and a special South African jazz special in honour of Johnny Clegg who will be performing this Saturday in Montreal.

Artist - Album - Song
*Christopher Cargnello - Movement One - Wayne Shorter
Wayne Shorter - Second Genesis - The Albatross
Aki Takase & the Good Boys - Procreation - Choco Amore
Catalyst - The Complete Recordings Vol. 2 - Catalyst is Coming (Porter Records)
*Alicia Hansen - Fractography - Poison Tree
Jason Adasiewicz - Sun Rooms - Stake
Karlos Rotsen - Bon-Air - Ti Kanno
Karlos Rotsen - Bon-Air - Sèpen mèg
Microscopic Septet - Friday the Thirteenth: The Micros play Monk - We See
Mario Pavone & Orange Double Tenor - Arc Suite T/Pi T/Po - Mid-code
* Quinsin Nachoff - FoMo - Sisyphus

South African Jazz Special:

Zim Ngqawana - Vadzimu - Amagoduka feat. Bheki Khoza
Lionel Pillay Trio - Mankunku Jazz Show - My Heart Stood Still
Bheki Mseleku - Home at Last - Mbizo
Jazz Dazzlers - History of Township Music - Diepkloof Ekhaya (Diepkloof, My Home)
Dollar Brand Trio - Duke Ellington Presents - Kippi

*Quintet Marie-Claire Durand - Mai - Lac aux Castors
Vijay Iyer - Solo - Darn that Dream
Scott Amendola Trio - Lift - Tudo de Bom

Host: Parker Mah

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jazz Euphorium Playlist March 30, 2011

Hosted by Steph Khoury
Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka, Accordion Koto: “Afternoon – Hirusugi” [2007]           
Miya Masaoka, Compositions,  Improvisations: ”Unearthed/Unbound”[1996]                       
Nobu Stowe, Confusion Bleue: “Intermede 2” [2010]
Nobu Stowe, Confusion Bleue: “Blue In Green” [2010]                       
Chick Corea, Solo Piano Improvisations/Children's Songs: “Sometime Ago” [2010]
Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman Quartet, To Fly To Steal: ”Five Senses Of Keen” [2009]
Marilyn Crispell & David Rothenberg, One Dark Night I Left My Silent House: “Still Life with Woodpeckers”[2010]
Marilyn Crispell & David Rothenberg, One Dark Night I Left My Silent House: “Grosbeak” [2010]
Ravi Shankar, Improvisations: ”Fire Night” [1962]
Ravi Shankar, Improvisations: “Improvisations on the theme music from "Panther Panchali" [1962]
Paolo Fresu, A Filetta Corsican Voices, Daniele di Bonaventura: Mistico Mediterraneo: “Dies Irae” [2011]
Tessa Souter, Obsession: “Afro Blue/Footprints” [2009]
Food, Quiet Inlet: “Cirrina“ [2010]
Mary Halvorson, Saturn Sings: “Saturn Sings (No. 18)” [2010]           
Regina Carter, Reverse Thread: “N'Teri” [2010]
Rebirth Brass Band,  Treme: Music From The HBO Original Series, Season 1: “Feel Like Funkin' It Up” [2010]

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jazz Euphorium March 23, 2011

Hosted by Katerina and AJ

AJ's set:

Microscopic Septet - Friday the 13t - Misterioso (Cuneiform)

Catalyst - The Complete Recordings Vol. 1 - Celestial Bodies (Porter)

The Rent - Music For Steve Lacy - Blinks (ambiances magnetiques)

Subtle Lip Can - Subtle Lip Can - Tid Lac Boam (Drip Audio)

Jessica Pavone - Army of Strangers - There Won't be Walking in The Daylight (Firehouse 12)

Mary Halvorson - Saturn Sings - Moon Traps in Seven Rings (Porter)

Henry Grimes + Rashied Ali - Spirits Aloft  (Porter)

William Parker Organ Quartet - Uncle Joe's Spirit House (Centering/ Aum Fidelity)

Sunny Murray - Big Chief - This Once Was Mine (Eremite - reissue)

Katerina's Set:

Roscoe Mitchell Sextet - Sound - Ornette (Delmark)

Pharoah Sanders - Africa - You've Got to Have Freedom (Timeless Records)

Dorothy Ashby - The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby - For Some We Loved (Cadet)

Archie Shepp - Blase, actuel Vol. 18 - Blase (Byg Records - reissue)

Jemeel Moondoc, William Parker, Hamid Drake - New World Pygmies  vol.2 - Spirit House (Eremite)

Kahil El'Zabar/Ritual Trio - Renaissance of the Resistance - Golden Sea (Delmark) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jazz Euphorium Playlist - March 16, 2011

Host:  Lawrence Joseph

1. Other Dimensions in Music Featring Fay Victor - John Gilman Wants
Tobacco (1:57)
Kaiso Stories [Silkheart]

2. Other Dimensions in Music Featring Fay Victor - Saltfish Refried
Kaiso Stories [Silkheart]

3.  The Dorf - Pulk (3:58)
Le Record [Leo]

4.  The Dorf - Now (8:58)
Le Record [Leo]

5.  Alexy Lapin - The Faster the Better (2:55)
Parallels [Leo]

6.  Joelle Leandre Tentet - Can you Hear Me? (excerpt) (9:05)
Live at the Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon [Leo]

7.  Ben Monder/Aaron Shragg - Upper Roslyn Lookout (3:57)
The Key is in the Window [Tzviryu]
Playing at L'Envers, Friday, March 18, 2011

8.  Vertical Squirrels - Ah Ha (9:20)
Hold True (Accroche-toi) [Ambiance Magnetique]

9.  Evan Parker, Wes Neal, Joe Sorbara - Live at Somewhere There (38:58)
At Somewhere There [Barnyard Records]

10.  Howard Alden - Jubilee Stomp (4:29)
I Remember Django [Arbors Records]

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

March 2, 2011

Set List for March 2, 2011 - hosted by Steph Khoury
John Zorn, George Lewis & Bill Frisell, More News for Lulu: “Hank's Other Tune”           
Charles Mingus, The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady: “Track A - Solo Dancer”
Scott Fields Ensemble, Fugu: “The Plagiarist”
Exploding Star Orchestra, Stars Have Shapes: “ChromoRocker”
Agusti Fernandez, Baldo Martinez & Ramon Lopez, Triez: “Anonim”
Regina Carter, Reverse Thread: “Mwana Talitambula”
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Mama's House Live: “Oof”
Geri Allen, Flying Toward The Sound: “Red Velvet in Winter”
Matana Roberts, The Chicago Project: “Thrills”
Mary Halvorson, Saturn Sings: “Right Size Too Little (No. 12)”
Charity Chan, Somewhere the Sea and Salt: “Films of the Decamarone”
Malcolm Goldstein, A Sounding Of Sources: “Ishi_'man waxati' Soundings”
Cyminology, As Ney: “Niyãyesh”           
The David Arner Trio, Out/In the Open: “My Romance”
Element, Transformation to Paradise: “Abstract Vision C”
Corea, Clarke & White, Forever (Disc 1): “On Green Dolphin Street”
Paolo Fresu, A Filetta Corsican Voices, Daniele di Bonaventura, Mistico Mediterraneo: “Liberata”

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nicolas Caloia's set list for Wednesday March 9, 2011

Petites Poules - Les Poules - Les Contes De L'Amère Loi - 1986 - Danielle Palardy Roger: Drums, Electronic Drums [Rx 11], Synthesizer [Poly 6], Voice Joane Hetu: Saxophone [Alto], Synthesizer [Cs-5], Voice;  Diane Labrosse, Synthesizer [Cz-5000, Poly 6, Dx 7], Voice

What reason could I give - Ornette - Science Fiction - New York, October 13, 1971 - Ornette Coleman (alto sax, trumpet, violin), Dewey Redman (tenor sax), Charlie Haden (bass), Billy Higgins (drums), Ed Blackwell (drums), Asha Puthli (vocals), Carmon Fornarotto, Gerard Schwarg (trumpets)

Where Flamingoe fly - The Newest Sound Around - Nov 15, 1961 - Ran Blake (piano) Jeanne lee (voice)

The Seasons/Song-  Joseph Jarman - As If It Were The Seasons - 1968 - Joseph Jarman: alto saxophone, bassoon, fife, recorder, soprano saxophone; Charles Clark: bass, cello, koto; Thurman Barker: drums, percussion; Sherri Scott: voice; Muhal Richard Abrams: piano, oboe (2); Fred Anderson: tenor saxophone (2); John Stubblefield: tenor saxophone (2); Joel Brandon: flute (2); John Jackson: trumpet (2); Lester Lashley: trombone (2); All Personnel: bells, gongs, harps (2).

Astroblack -SunRa - Astroblack - Recorded El Saturn Studios, Chicago, 5/7/1972.  Ra-keyb, Mini-Moog syn, e-vib; Akh Tal Ebah-tp; Lamont McClamb (Kwame Hadi)-tp; Charles Stephens-tb; Marshall Allen-as; Danny Davis-as; John Gilmore-ts, perc; Danny Ray Thompson-bs; Eloe Omoe-bcl; Pat Patrick-mistro-cl; Alzo Wright-vln, vla; Ronnie Boykins-b; Tommy Hunter-d; Atakatune (Stanley Morgan)-cga; Odun-cga; Chiea-cga; Ruth Wright-voc; June Tyson-voc.

My Rock -  Henry Threadgill - Easily Slip Into Another World - September 20, 1987 - Henry Threadgill (alto sax; tenor sax; clarinet), Rasul Siddick (trumpet), Frank Lacy (trombone; french horn; flugelhorn), Diedre Murray (cello), Fred Hopkins (bass), Pheeroan akLaff (drums), Reggie Nicholson (drums), Aisha Putli (vocal)

Level and Degrees of  Light - Muhal Richard Abrams - Levels and Degrees of Light - June 7 & December 21, 1967  -  Muhal Richard Abrams: piano, clarinet, Anthony Braxton: alto saxophone, Maurice McIntyre: tenor saxophone, Leroy Jenkins: violin, Gordon Emmanuel: vibraphone, Charles Clark: bass, Leonard Jones: bass, Thurman Barker: drums, Penelope Taylor: vocals

Music is the healing force of the universe - Albert Ayler -  Music is the healing force of the universe - August 26-27, 1969 - Albert Ayler (vocals, bagpipe, tenor saxophone); Mary Maria Parks (vocals); Henry Vestine (guitar); Bobby Few (piano); Bill Folwell (electric bass); Muhammad Ali (drums).

Bialero - Sonny Sharrock - black woman - 1969 - Sonny Sharrock (guitar); Dave Burrell (piano); Norris Jones (bass); Milford Graves (drums); Ted Daniel (trumpet)

Touching - Paul Bley, Hans Bennink, Anette Peacock - Improvisie - 1971

Work - Jean Derome - Confitures de Gagaku - 1988 - Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] - Robert Lepage, Double Bass - Pierre Cartier, Drums, Percussion - Pierre Tanguay, Flute - Virginia Spicer, Flute, Piccolo Flute - Allan Laforest, Percussion, Saw - Carol Bergeron, Piano, Synthesizer [Jx3p] - Guillaume Dostaler, Saxophone [Alto], Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] - Jean-Denis Levasseur
Saxophone [Alto], Flute, Flute [Bass], Vocals, Jean Derome, Saxophone [Alto], Synthesizer [Dx100], recorder [Bass] - Catherine Dostaler, Vocals - Karen Young (3)

Bone - Steve Lacy - the way - 1979 - Irene Aebi: Violin, Cello, Vocals; Kent Carter: Double Bass; Oliver Johnson: Drums; Steve Lacy: Soprano Sax, Vocals; Steve Potts: Alto, Soprano Sax.

Somebody else's world - SunRa - My Brother the wind - 1969-1970 - Sun Ra (organ, Moog synthesizer); June Tyson (vocals); Marshall Allen (alto saxophone, oboe, flute); Danny Davis (alto saxophone, alto clarinet, flute); John Gilmore (tenor saxophone, percussion); Danny Thompson, Pat Patrick (baritone saxophones, flutes); Kwame Hadi, Ahktal Ebah (trumpets), James Jackson (oboe, percussion); Alejandro Blake (bass); Clifford Jarvis, Lex Humphries (drums); Nimrod Hunt (hand drums); William Brister, Robert Cummings (percussion).

Island harvest - Albert Ayler - Music is the healing force of the Universe - August 26-27, 1969 - Albert Ayler (vocals, bagpipe, tenor saxophone); Mary Maria Parks (vocals); Henry Vestine (guitar); Bobby Few (piano); Bill Folwell (electric bass); Muhammad Ali (drums).

All my life - Ornette Coleman - Science Fiction - New York, October 13, 1971 - Ornette Coleman (alto sax, trumpet, violin), Dewey Redman (tenor sax), Charlie Haden (bass), Billy Higgins (drums), Ed Blackwell (drums), Asha Puthli (vocals), Carmon Fornarotto, Gerard Schwarg (trumpets)

Quareau - Jean Derome - Confitures de Gagaku - 1988 -

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 9, 2011

Hosts: Steph Khoury and Mel Backstrom
Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Ramon Lopez, Morning Glory: “Perpetuum Mobile”
Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabeté, Ali & Toumani: “Ruby”
Maria Schnieder, Evanescence: “Evanescence”
Henry Threadgill, This Brings Us to Volume II: “Extremely Sweet William”
Susanne Abbuehl, “Ida Lupino”
Marc Ribot, Silent Movies: “Requiem for a Revolution”
Ornette Coleman and Bill Frisell, Finding Forester: “Coffaros Theme”
Ornette Coleman, Naked Lunch: “Naked Lunch”
Norma Winstone, Ballo Furlano: “Stories Yet to Tell”
Trygue Seim, Different Rivers: “Sorrows”
Knut Reiersrud, Gitar: “Mohan Vina”
Ben Monder, Dust: “Dust”
Jason Adaseiwicz, Sun Rooms: “Life”
Lenny Breau, Last Session: “Feelings”

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playlist For Jazz Euphorium - February 16, 2011

Host:  Lawrence Joseph

1.  Miles Davis - Murder (Warner)

2.  Joe Lovano -  Dewey Square (Blue Note)

3.  East Van Strings -  Webern (Songlines)

4.  East Van Strings - The Breathing of Statues (Songlines)

5.  Sakoto Fuji - Bell the Cat (Koko)

6.  David Ware - Crossing Samsara (Aum Fidelity)

7.  Charles Gayle - Inocent (Victo)

8. Keith Tippett Group - Thoughts to Geoff (Vertigo)

9. Paul Dunmall - Elementals (Matchless)

10. Francois Carriere - All'Alba (Ayler)

11. Vertical Squirrels - Put some Spunk in Your Funk (Ambiance Magnetique)

12.Weasel Walter/Mary Halvorson/Peter Evans - Mongosteen 3000 AD (Thirsty Ear)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playlist January 26, 2011

Host: David Ryshpan

Endangered Blood - "Plunge" (s/t)
Mike Reed's People, Places & Things - "Days Fly By (With Ruby)" (About Us)
Rudresh Mahanthappa/Bunky Green - "Who?" (Apex)
Tony Malaby - "Obambo" (Paloma Recio)
*Hard Rubber Orchestra - "Chorale" (Rub Harder)
Interview with John Korsrud (@ Sala Rossa with Altsys Jazz Orchestra 01/27/2011)
*Hard Rubber Orchestra - "Lowest Tide" (live recording)
Ideal Bread - "Flakes" (Transmit: The Music of Steve Lacy, vol 2)
Benoit Delbecq Trio - "Barragan" (The Sixth Jump)
*The Story - "One Two Three" (s/t) [@ Upstairs 01/28-29/2011]
Mary Halvorson - "Right Size Too Little" (Saturn Sings)
Kneebody & Theo Bleckmann - "Songs My Mother Taught Me" (12 Songs of Charles Ives)
Vijay Iyer - "Fleurette Africaine" (Solo)
Medeski Martin & Wood - "Buster Rides Again" (Tonic)
*Karl Schwonik Jazz Ensemble - "Now Not Never" (1+4)
James Falzone's Allos Musica - "First Lament: Raqs al-Janub" (Lamentations)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jazz Euphorium Playlist - January 19 2011

Host: Lawrence Joseph

1. Nude - Live at CKUT FM (CD-R)
2. Nude - Live at Cagibi (CD-R)
3. Gord Grdina - Burning Bright (Drip Audio)
4. Joe Morris - Angle of Incidence (ESP)
5. Matt Maimovitz - Open Country Joy (Oxingale Records)
6. Benoit Delbecq Trio - Ando (Songlines)
7. Subtle Lip Can - Tid Lac Boam (Drip Audio)
8. Mary Halvorson & Weasel Walter - The Art Deco Hairbrush (ugExplode)
9. Pink Saliva - Amour, Amour, Amour (& Records)
10. Jemeel Moondoc and Muntu - Evening of the Blue Men Part 3 (NoBusiness)
11. Mick Barr - Coiled Malescence (Clean Feed)
12. Luis Lopez - Street Clown Girl (Clean Feed)
13. Mary Halvorson - In Two Pats Missing (Clean Feed)
14. Elliott Sharp - Telemetry (Clean Feed)
15. Scott Fields - Buzzkashi (Clean Feed)