Friday, December 23, 2005

The jazzblog universe

Here's a list of some of my preferred blogs on this music we commonly refer to as "jazz," in no particular:

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Argue is a McGill alum, and a fantastic composer and big band leader now residing in NYC.
Greenleaf Music - Dave Douglas' new record label, with essays and posts by Dave, Mike Friedman, Adam Benjamin (keyboardist of Kneebody) and others. I'm personally partial to this essay by Dave on the validity of improvisation
Do the Math - a blog belonging to the Bad Plus.
Jessica Williams - the pianist's personal blog.
be.jazz - reviews and links from a Belgian jazz aficionado, Mwanji Ezana. Contains many more links on the sidebar.

And if that's not enough linkage for you, All About Jazz has their own list of blogs.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Playlist December 21, 2005

Host: David Ryshpan (late start due to inclement weather and incompetent snow removal - thanks to the Amandla crew for covering!)

Geoffrey Keezer - "Stompin' At The Savoy" (Wildcrafted: Live at the Dakota)
Ornette Coleman - "Law Years" (The Complete Science Fiction Sessions)
Fly - "State of the Union" (Fly)
Duke Ellington - "Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues)" (The Far East Suite)
Don Byron - "Sad Twilight" (Romance with the Unseen) (excerpt of "Bernhard Goetz, James Ramseur and Me" under talking)
*Joel Miller - "Too Cool" (...And Then Everything Started to Look Different...)
Marc Johnson - "Ton sur ton" (Shades of Jade)
*Dylan van der Schyff - "Queen of the Box Office" (The Definition of a Toy)
Robert Glasper - "Jelly's da Beener" (Canvas)
Dave Douglas - "Waverly" (The Infinite)
Jeff Parker - "Watusi" (Like-Coping)
*Organ Donor Clinic - "Toaster" (Live Transplant)
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble - "RAM" (A Blessing)
Wayne Shorter - "Beyond The Sound Barrier" (Beyond The Sound Barrier)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Playlist November 30, 2005

Jazz Euphorium
David Ryshpan

Robert Glasper - "Rise and Shine" (Canvas)
Herbie Hancock - "Speak Like A Child" (Speak Like A Child)
Roscoe Mitchell Quintet - "In Six" (Turn)
Greg Osby - "Miss Ann" (Channel Three)
*Interview with Tony Wilson
*Tony Wilson Sextet
- "Can't Take a Joke" (Lowest Note)
*Interview with Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson - "Venus/Offering" (Horse's Dream)
Cuong Vu - "Still Ragged" (Bound)
Geoffrey Keezer - "Breath of the Volcano" (Wildcrafted: Live at the Dakota)
Thelonious Monk Quartet - "Nutty" (With John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall)
Fieldwork - "Media Studies" (Simulated Progress)
SFJazz Collective - "Peace" (SFJazz Collective)