Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jazz Euphorium Playlist for December 19, 2012

Host: Lawrence Joseph

Some of my favourite albums from 2012:

1. Simon Nabatov/Ernst Reijseger/Matthias Schubert - Long Haul (16:44; Square Down, Leo)
2. Miles Perkin Quartet - Street Escape (6:17; Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, self released)
3. Gordon Grdina's Haram - Raqs al Jamal (7:21; Her Eyes Illuminate, Songlines)
4. Mary Halvorson Quintet - Hemorrhaging Smiles (7:48; Bending Bridges, Firehouse 12)
5. Ratchet Orchestra - Dusty (12:47; Hemlock, Drip Audio)
6. Le Quatuor de Jazz Libre du Québec - Sans Titre (15:03; 1973, Tenzier)
7. Fo[u]r Alto - Molto Fluttante (11:41; 4 Compositions by Frank Gratkowski, Leo)
8. Hafez Modirzadeh - Facet Seventeen (6:04; Post-Chromodal Out!, Pi)
9. Nate Wooley/Christian Weber/Paul Lytton - Pushing Up Daisies (7:54; Six Feet Under, NoBusiness)
10. Anthony Braxton - Echo Echo Mirror House (15 minute excerpt; Echo Echo Mirror House (NYC) 2011, Braxton House)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Playlist Dec 12, 2012

Host: David Ryshpan

Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition - "Vandanaa Trayee" (Apti) [RIP Ravi Shankar]
Claudia Quintet +1 - "The Snow is Deep on the Ground" (What is the Beautiful?)
Dave Douglas - "Be Still My Soul" (Be Still)
Fred Hersch - "Segment" (Alive at the Vanguard
George Schuller's Circle Wide - "Edwin" (Listen Both Ways)
Harris Eisenstadt - "Shuttle Off This Mortal Coil" (Canada Day III)
Vijay Iyer - "Little Pocket Size Demons" (Accelerando)
David Virelles - "The Executioner" (Continuum)
*Rémi Bolduc + Jerry Bergonzi - "Mr. Coleman" (4+1)
*Myriad3 - "Tell" (Tell)
*Hobson's Choice - "Tessellations" (Of the Waves)
Peter Madsen's Seven Sins Ensemble  - "Swiss Chocolate" (Gravity of Love)
Greg Ward's Phonic Juggernaut - "Sectionate City" (s/t)
John Abercrombie - "Interplay" (Within a Song)
Sam Rivers/Dave Holland/Barry Altschul - "Set 2, Part 3" (Reunion: Live in New York)
*Ratchet Orchestra - "Winnow" (Hemlock)

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Playlist Dec 5, 2012

Host: David Ryshpan

RIP Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck - "Strange Meadowlark" (Just You, Just Me)
Dave Brubeck - "It's a Raggy Waltz" (Time Further Out)
Dave Brubeck - "Lost Waltz" (Time In)
Dave Brubeck - "Unisphere" (Time Changes)
40Twenty - "Jan 20" (40Twenty)
Dave Douglas - "Whither Must I Wander" (Be Still)
*Ben Henriques - "Cloud City" (Captain Awesome)
Guillermo Klein - "Mariana" (Carrera)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "Killer" (Samdhi)
Mark de Clive-Lowe & Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - "Heaven" (Take the Space Trane)
*Parc-X Trio - "Ivan Sings" (s/t) [Parc X-mas party tonight at Sala Rossa]
Peter Madsen's Seven Sins Ensemble - "Jealousy" (Gravity of Love)
*Peggy Lee Band - "Path of a Smile" (Invitation)
Harris Eisenstadt - "Ballad for 10.6.7" (Just You, Just Me)
Mike Reed's People, Places & Things - "Sharon" (Clean on the Corner)
Josh Berman & His Gang - "Cloudy" (There Now)
John Abercrombie - "Blues Connotation" (Within a Song)