Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playlist, December 23, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

Duke Ellington - "Peanut Brittle Brigade" (Three Suites)

Favourites of the year & decade
Vijay Iyer - "Big Brother" (Historicity)
John Hebert - "Acrid Landscape" (Byzantine Monkey)
Henry Threadgill - "After Some Time" (This Brings Us To, volume 1)
Stefano Bollani - "Brigas nunca mais" (Stone in the Water)
The Bad Plus - "Comfortably Numb" (For All I Care)
Dave Douglas - "Twilight of the Dogs" (Spirit Moves)
Matt Wilson - "Shooshabuster" (That's Gonna Leave a Mark)
*Joel Miller - "Big Tiny" (Tantramar)
*Fieldtrip - "I am the Impostor" (No Destination)
*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "S-ow-ss" (Coniferous Revenge)
*Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - "Habeas Corpus" (Infernal Machines)
John Hollenbeck & Jazz BigBand Graz - "Abstinence" (Joys & Desires)
Guillermo Klein  y los Guachos - "Con Brasil Adentro-Fuga X" (Live in Barcelona)
Terence Blanchard - "On the Verge" (Bounce)
Brian Blade Fellowship - "Rubylou's Lullabye" (Season of Changes)

Duke Ellington - "Sugar Rum Cherry" (Three Suites)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playlist December 16, 2009

Host: Chris Tangredi

Ahmad Jamal - "The World Is A Ghetto" (73)
Jose Roberto E Seu Conjunto - "Diamante Cor De Rosa" (Organ Sound, Um Nova Estilo)
Ramsey Lewis - "Where Is The Love" (Funky Serenity)
Gabor Szabo - "Stormy" (1969)
Jon Lucien - "You Are My Love" (Song For My Lady)
Les McCann - "Soaring (At Dawn) Part I" (Layers)
Calvin Keys - "Shawn-Neeq" (Shawn Neeq)
George Duke - "Someday" (I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry)
Marlena Shaw - "Feel Like Making Love" (Who Is This Bitch, Anyways?)
Bob James - "Feel Like Making Love" (One)
Tarika Blue - "Revelation" (Tarika Blue)
Gene Russell - "For Heaven's Sake" (Talk To My Lady)
Henry Franklin - "3 Soft Spirit" (The Skipper At Home)
Jeff Lorber Fusion - "Rain Dance" (Water Sign)
Jack McDuff - "Wank's Theme" (Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring?)
Ramsey Lewis - "My Love For You" (Funkin Serenity)
Marcos Valle - "Democestico" (Vento Sul)
Harvey Mason - "What's Goin On" (Funk In A Mason Jar)
Kimiko Kasai - "Butterfly" (Butterfly)
Milt Jackson - "Olinga" (Olinga)
Oz Noy - "For You"
James "Blood" Ulmer - "Odyssey" (Odyssey)
Weather Report "Yound and Fine" (Mr. Gone)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Playlist November 4, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

David Binney - "Third Occasion" (Third Occasion)
*Fieldtrip - "Samadhi" (No Destination)

Interview with Matt Haimovitz, Chloe Dominguez & Elinor Frey [@ Excentris November 7]
*Chloe Dominguez - "Ex Asperis" (demo)
Elinor Frey - "Sept Papillons" (Dialoghi)
*Matt Haimovitz - "Miranda" (Figment)

Fantastic Merlins - "Inversion is the Condition" (A Handful of Earth)
*Ernesto Cervini - "2+2=5" (Little Black Bird) [@ Upstairs December 2-3]
Harris Eisenstadt - "Halifax" (Canada Day)

Cuneiform Records feature
Led Bib - "Squirrel Carnage" (Sensible Shoes)
Gutbucket - "More More Bigger Better Faster with Cheese" (A Modest Proposal)
Wadada Leo Smith - "Crossing Sirat" (Spiritual Dimensions)
Jason Adasiewicz's Rolldown - "The Griots" (Varmint)

Azar Lawrence - "Under Tanzanian Skies" (Prayer for the Ancestors)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Playlist October 14, 2009

Host: Chris Tangredi

The Crusaders "A Search For Soul" (The 2nd Crusade)
Mandrill "Feeling Good" (Getting in The Mood)
Donald Byrd "Onward Til Morning" (Caricatures)
David Matthews "Arrakis" (Dune)
Lamont Johnson "2 Nine" (Nine)
Bennie Maupin "A Promise Kept" (Moonscapes)
Eddie Henderson "Galaxy" (Sunburst)
David Axelrod "The Warning I" (Earth Rot)
The Chris Hinze Combination "Venga" (Bamboo Magic)
Ramp "Come Into Knowledge" (Come Into Knowledge)
John Klemmer "Rose Pedals" (Eruptions)
Patrice Rushen "Puttered Bopcorn" (Preclusion)
Dorothy Ashby "The Guns of Navarone" (Soft Winds)
Luis Gasca "Joy Ride" (The Little Giant)
Charles Sullivan "Carefree" (Re-Entry)
Billy Harper "Soulfully, I love You" (Capra Black)
James Brown "Uncle" (Gettin Down To It)
Cesar Mariano & Cia "Estracao Do Norte" (Sao Paolo Brazil)
Azymuth "Tarde" (Aguia Nao Come Mosca)
Marcos Valle "Azimuth" (Mustang Cor De Sangue)
Compost "Changing Streams" (Life Is Round)
Ahmad Jamal "I Love Music" (The Awakening)
Reuben Wilson "Tom's Thumb" (Set Us Free)
Robert Glasper Trio (Downtime) "Double Booked"

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Playlist October 7, 2009

Host: Chris Tangredi

Herbie Hancock "Come Running To Me" (Sunlight)
Nat Adderley "Song Of The Valdez Diamond" (Double Exposure)
Weldon Irvine "Pleasure, Pain and Me" (In Harmony)
Lloyd McNeill "2504 Cliffborne Place" (Washington Suite)
James Moody "Dreams" (Feelin' It Together)
Roy Ayers "Love From The Sun" (Virgo Red)
Les McCann "Vallarta" (Music Lets Me Be)
Terumasa Hino "Yellow Jacket" (Double Rainbow)
George Duke "Rashid" (Feel)
Gene Russell "My Favourite Things" (Talk To My Lady)
Walter Bishop Jr. "Invitation" (Valley Land)
Bobby Hutcherson "So Far So Good" (Knucklebean)
Harold Vick "Don't Look Back" (Don't Look Back)
Kenny Barron "Dawn" (Sunset to Dawn)
Moe Koffman "Days Gone By 'Egyptology'" (Museum Pieces)
Bobbi Humphrey "Fancy Dancer" (Fancy Dancer)
Donald Byrd "Miss Kane" (Street Lady)
Johnny Hammond "Star Borne" (Gambler's Life)
George Benson "One Rock Don't Make No Boulder" (Good King Bad)
Crusaders "Whispering Pines" (Southern Comfort)
Herbie Hancock "Spiraling Prisms" (Mr. Hands)
Bennie Maupin "You Know The Deal" (Slow Traffic To The Right)
Sa-Ra Creative Partners "Cosmic Ball feat the Gary Bartz Quartet" (Nuclear Evolution - The Age Of Love)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Playlist September 23, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

Roy Hargrove - "Nusia's Poem" (Habana) [Gary Bartz w/ McCoy Tyner @ L'Astral Sept. 24-26]
McCoy Tyner - "I Mean You" (Infinity!) [@ L'Astral Sept. 24-26]
Gretchen Parlato - "I Can't Help It" (In a Dream)
Robert Glasper - "59 South" (Double-Booked)
*Parc-X Trio - "2 O'Clock Moonrise" (s/t)
Samuel Blaser Quartet - "Red Hook" (Pieces of Old Sky)
Josh Berman - "What Can?" (Old Idea)
Ben Allison - "Fred" (Think Free)
Quartet Offensive - "Yo Banana Boy" (Carnivore)
*Amy Cervini Quartet - "Famous Blue Raincoat" (Famous Blue) [CD launch @ Upstairs Sept. 30 & Oct. 1)
Braam/de Joode/Vatcher - "Angsts, Once High" (Change This Song) [Vatcher w/ Labbe/Cooke/Ryder @ Casa del Popolo Sept. 23]
Kurt Rosenwinkel - "If I Should Lose You" (Deep Song) [@ L'Astral Oct. 10]
Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings - "What Reason Could I Give?" (Madeleine Dreams)
John Hébert - "Acrid Landscape" (Byzantine Monkey)
Steve Lehman Octet - "No Neighborhood Rough Enough" (Travail, Transformation & Flow)
*Gordon Grdina's Box Cutter - "Yellow Spot Into the Sun" (New Rules for Noise)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Playlist September 16, 2009

Host: Sami Malki

This edition is brought to you by the letters O, S and T, as in Original Sound Track... We're taking an aural excursion into the jazzier side of cinematic soundtracks, library music and early experimental electronic music, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires, from the installations of Expo 67 to the outer reaches of space, DDR style, and a very pronounced Italian layover. Bonne écoute!

François De Roubaix - "L'Adieu a L'Antarctique" - L'Antartique OST
Piero Piccioni - "Eros" - Colpo Rovente OST
Piero Piccioni - "Chinatown Drugs" - Colpo Rovente OST

Lesiman - "Moto Centripeto" VA Easy Tempo compilation
Nino Nardini & Roger Roger - "The White Snake" - Jungle Obsession
Piero Umilani - "Lady Magnolia" - VA Easy Tempo compilation
Nino Nardini & The Pop Riviera Group - "Fast Delivery No. 7" - Pop, Soul et Rock Psychedelique
Nino Nardini & Roger Roger - "Murmuring Leaves" - Jungle Obsession
Nino Nardini - "Station X" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Depart pour le cosmos" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Le reveil des volcans" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Agression spatiale" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Decouverte lunaire" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Etincelles cosmiques" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Galaxie inconnue" - Musique pour le futur
Nino Nardini - "Soleil rose" - Musique pour le futur

Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - "Thousand Legs" - Roger's New Conception: Informatic 2000
Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - "Eery Dream" - Roger's New Conception: Informatic 2000
Piero Umiliani - "Etat Hypnotique" - Effets Speciaux
Piero Umiliani - "Centrali Termiche" - L'Uomo e La Citta
Piero Umiliani - "Suoni De La Citta" - L'Uomo e La Citta
L'homme dans la cité - Composite soundtrack from the original Montreal Expo 67 installation of the same name

François De Roubaix - "Solitude Urbaine" - Dernier Domicile Connu OST
Lalo Schifrin - "Prologue/The Swimming Pool" - Dirty Harry OST
Lalo Schifrin - "Main Title" - Dirty Harry OST
Lalo Schifrin - "Scorpio's View" - Dirty Harry OST
Lalo Schifrin - "Red Light District" - Dirty Harry OST

Lalo Schifrin - "Scorpio Takes the Bait" - Dirty Harry OST
Lalo Schifrin - "Goodbye, Callahan" - Dirty Harry OST
Lalo Schifrin - "The Stadium Grounds" - Dirty Harry OST
Lalo Schifrin - "Floodlights" - Dirty Harry OST
Ennio Morricone - "Astratto I, II and III" - Veruschka OST
Ennio Morricone - "Una Spiaggia a Mezzogiorno" - Vergogna Schifosi (Dirty Angels) OST
Ennio Morricone - "Un Altro Mare" - Vergogna Schifosi (Dirty Angels) OST
Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - track 7 - Kokotsu (Ecstasy) OST

Ennio Morricone - "Poligoni" - April Orchestra Vol. 1
Ennio Morricone - "Come Sommersi" - Controfase
Karl-Ernst Sasse - "Finale" - Signale OST (Soundtracks Of Eastern Germanys Adventures In Space)
François De Roubaix - "Christiane" - Dioboliquement Vôtre OST
François De Roubaix - "Le Canal Gelé" - Jeff OST
François De Roubaix - "Rencontre Avec Le Skua" - L'Antartique OST
François De Roubaix - "Plongée De Glace" - L'Antartique OST
François De Roubaix - "Indicatifs Télé Zaïre" - Le Monde Electronique de François de Roubaix
François De Roubaix - "Rêverie" - Rêverie
David Axelrod - Seriously Deep

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jazz Euphorium // September 9, 2009
Host: Nimalan Yoganathan

Sun Ra Arkestra - "Enlightenment"
(Concert for the Comet Kahoutek)
Raymond Scott - "And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon" (The Secret 7)
Didier Hebert - "I Woke Up One Morning in May" (Anthology of American Folk Music)
Skip James - "Devil Got My Woman" (Devil Got My Woman)
Walter Ferguson - "Soldier" (Babylon)
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - "Psycles" (Sahara Swing)
John Lee Hooker - "Shake it Baby" (The Best Of)
Madam Mattie Wigley & Congregation - "Power" (Songs of the South: A Musical Journey from the Georgia Sea Islands to the Mississippi Delta)
Nina Simone - "Baltimore" (Baltimore)
Oscar Peterson - "Incoherent Blues" (Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One Clark Terry)
Charles Mingus - "Solo Dancer" (The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady)
Byron Morris & Unity - "Kitty Bey" (Blow Thru Your Mind)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter" (S/T) 
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Old Rugged Cross" (Blacknuss)
Fela Kuti - "Shemshema" (Roforofo Fight)
Need New Body - "Witchipoo" (S/T)
Ennio Morricone & Gruppo Di Improvisazione Nuova - "Seguita" (Morricone Giallo)
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - "Japan in a Dishpan" (Lick My Decals Off, Baby)
Spring Heel Jack - "Salt" (Adventures: The Wire - 20 Years)
White Out w/ Jim O'Rourke & William Wynant - "Ghost Mirror Image" (China is Near)
Pandit Kamalesh Maitra - "Raag Bhupal Todi" (Tabla Tarang: Melody on Drums)
Rahied Ali & Frank Lowe - "Exchange Part 1" (Duo Exchange)
Earl King - "Street Parade" (New Orleans Funk - The Original Sound of Funk: Volume 2)
Professor Longhair - "Big Chief"  (New Orleans Funk - The Original Sound of Funk 1960-75)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playlist August 26, 2009

Playlist August 26, 2009

*Rabnett 5 - "Thaw" (Leopardism)
*ByProduct (Chet Doxas) - "Pt. 3: Erostratus" (Le Mur)
Randy Weston - "The Last Day (for Phineas Newborn, Jr.)" (Self-Portraits)
Rob Mazurek - "The Star Splitter" (Sound Is)
Miles Davis and John Lee Hooker - "Murder" (The Hotspot OST)
Lee Konitz - "Subconsciouslee" (The Sound of Surprise)
Thelonious Monk - "I Mean You" (Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1) (Request)
*Beats on Canvas (inspired by the paintings of Marc-Bernard Philippe) - "La Jaconde et ses Trois Fantômes" (Beats on Canvas)
*Kevin Smith Trio - "Waiting" (Afterthought)
Robert Glasper feat. Bilal - "Open Mind" (Double Booked)
Erik Truffaz & Sly Johnson - "The Mouche" (Paris) [September 3 @L'astral]
Wynton Kelly Trio - "Blues on Purpose" (The Complete Live at the Half Note)
*The Story - "One Two Three" (The Story)
Ginger Zheng Zhi Xiao - "The Love You Can Not Get" (Shanghai Jazz: Musical Seductions From China's Age Of Decadence)
*Indigone Trio & Strings - "Erghen Diado" (Cycles) [Aug 26, 27 @ Upstairs]
Joe Morris - "Geomantic" (Wildlife)
*Pierre Nadeau Trio - "Consuelo" (Ready Or Not - Deep Jazz Grooves from the CBC Archive)
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - "Four in One" (One Day In Brooklyn)
Soweto Kinch - "Spokes and Pedals" (Conversations with the Unseen)
New York Electric Piano - "10 to 11" (King Mystery)

Host: Parker Mah

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playlist August 12, 2009

Playlist August 12, 2009

Donny McCaslin Trio - "Recommended Tools" (Recommended Tools)
*Terracine - "Moussaillon" (Tsé-Tsé)
Indigo Trio (Nicole Mitchell / Harrison Bankhead / Hamid Drake) - "Beloved's Reflection" (Anaya)
Carl Maguire's Floriculture - "Modern Enunciator" (Sided Silver Solid)
*Parc-X Trio - "2 O'Clock Moonrise" (Parc-X Trio) [Aug 12, 13 @ Upstairs]
The Bill Dixon Orchestra - "Contour Three" (17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur)
Dave Burrell Full-Blown Trio - "Coup D'état" (Expansion)
*Les Contracteurs Généreux - "Gab's Bag" (Le Sous-Marin de L'espace)
*Jon Miller - "One Out" (Orchidology)
Steve Adams Trio - "Squeamish" (Surface Tension)
*Kalmunity Jazz Collective - "Track 4" (Live @ Diese Onze) [Every Sunday @ Diese Onze]
Joe Lovano Us Five - "Dibango" (Folk Art)
Matthew Herbert Big Band - "Pontificate" (There's Me and There's You)
*Indigone Trio & Strings - "Driscollage" (Cycles) [Aug 19, 20 with Trio Bruxo @ Upstairs]
Old Dog - "Swa Swu Sui" (By Any Other Name)
Right Hemisphere - "Bubbles" (Right Hemisphere)
Jan Johansson with Rune Gustafsson & Georg Riedel - "New Rhumba" (Live In Tallinn)
*October Trio + Brad Turner- "Bird Colony" (Looks Like It's Going To Snow)
Hugh Masekela - "Mwanayu Wakula" (Phola)
John O'Gallagher Trio - "Bed Bugs" (Dirty Hands)
Tom Warrington Trio- "The Mountain" (The Mountain)
Positive Catastrophe - "Metro Mono" (Garabatos Volume One)

Host: Parker Mah

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

playlist: July 29, 2008

(artist - album - song)

miles davis quintet - best of 65-68 - nefertiti
wayne shorter quartet - footprints live! - aung san suu kyi
freddie hubbard - hub-tones - you're my everything
joe lovano us five - folk art - powerhouse
dave douglas - spirit moves - great awakening
normand guilbeault ensemble - hommage a mingus - prayer for passive resistance
the peggy lee band - new code - all i really want to do
simon fisk trio - unless - for no one
parc x trio - s/t - lalala
esbjorn svensson trio - leucocyte - decade
adrian vedady - in three acts - gods of taste
bill frisell - history, mystery - struggle
sexmob - ...meets medeski - artie shaw
dave burrell and billy martin - consequences - moonbows
christian mcbride & inside straight - kind of brown - brother mister
joshua redman - compass - insomnomaniac
babik - s/t - spiderman

Host: Matt Testa

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playlist July 22, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

*Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - "Transit" (Infernal Machines)
Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra - "El Bajonazo" (El Viaje)
Dave Douglas' Brass Ecstasy - "The View from Blue Mountain" (Spirit Moves)
Matt Wilson Quartet - "Area Man" (That's Gonna Leave a Mark)
Quartet Offensive - "The Dirty Dollar" (Carnivore)
The Thirteenth Assembly - "Army of Strangers" ((Un)sentimental)
Carl Maguire's Floriculture - "Basic Botany" (Sided Silver Solid)
John Hebert - "For A.H." (Byzantine Monkey)

Jazz Fest 2009 highlights
*Kalmunity Jazz Collective - "Track 7" (Live @ Diese Onze) [July 24-26 @ Diese Onze]
*Joel Miller - "Big Tiny" (Tantramar)
Ornette Coleman - "Turnaround" (Sound Grammar)
Gilfema +2 - "Your World" (s/t)
Bill Frisell - "Baba Drame" (History, Mystery)
Joe Lovano Us Five - "Dibango" (Folk Art)

Bud Powell - "Un Poco Loco" (The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 1)
Bobby Hutcherson - "Idle While" (Dialogue)
Andrew Hill - "Pumpkin" (Black Fire)
*Tim Posgate's Hornband - "Banjo Z (For Uncle Ron)" (Banjo Hockey)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

RIP Len Dobbin

It is with great sadness that the Jazz Euphorium crew and CKUT 90.3 mourn the loss of Len Dobbin. Host of Dobbin's Den and a modestly self-described "friend of jazz," he passed away Wednesday night after suffering a stroke at Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill. We can't think of a more fitting way for him to exit this world.

Jazz Euphorium members Mike Chamberlain and David Ryshpan will co-host a memorial edition of Dobbin's Den this Sunday, July 12, at 11 am.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Playlist, July 8, 2009

Bill Frisell
- "Outlaws" - With Dave Holland & Elvin Jones [@ Théâtre Jean-Duceppe 8/7]
Ray Anderson - "Raven-a-ning" - What Because [@ Upstairs 8/7]
*Souljazz Orchestra - "Parasite" - Manifesto [@ Scène du Festival 8/7]
Hiromi - "Music for Three-Piece Orchestra: Edge" - Spiral Disc 1 [@ Gesù 8/7]
*Kalmunity Vibe Collective - [Track 7] - Live@dieseonze [@ Le Consulat 10/7]
Ornette Coleman - "Tone Dialing" - Tone Dialing [@ Théâtre Maisonneuve 9/7]
Stefano Bollani - "Chippie" - Les Fleurs Bleues
Rudresh Mahanthappa Indo-Pak Coalition - "Looking Out Looking In" - Apti [@ Gesù 9/7]
Renaud Garcia-Fons & Jean-Louis Matinier - "Upepidde" - Fuera [@ Gesù 10/7]
Bill Charlap feat. Jim Hall - "Two Sleepy People" - Stardust [@ Gesù 10/7]
*Joel Miller - "Aulochrome" - Tantramar [@ L'astral 9/7]
Erik Truffaz & Sly Johnson - "Mr. Wyatt" - Paris [@ Gesù 3/7]
*Bruno Hubert Trio - "Sweet and Sour" - Live @ the Cellar
Dave Holland / Gonzalo Rubalcaba / Chris Potter / Eric Harland - "Otra Mirada" - Live @ Monterey 2007 [@ Théâtre Maisonneuve 1/7]
New Directions - "Recordame" - New Directions [Greg Osby @ Gesù 11/7]
*Michel Donato- "Bleu Sur le Vif" - & Ses Amis Européens [@ L'astral 10/7]
Helen Merrill & Dick Katz - "Lonely Woman" - A Shade of Difference [@ Upstairs 10/7 & 11/7]
*Adrian Vedady - "Gods of Taste" - In Three Acts [with Yannick Rieu @ Upstairs 12/7]
*Oliver Jones - "St-Henri" - The Montreal Variations [@ Théâtre Maisonneuve 12/7]
*Kalmunity Vibe Collective - [Track 1]- Live@dieseonze [@ Le Consulat 10/7]

Host: Parker Mah

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playlist for June 17, 2009

Host: Lawrence

1. Dave Burrell - Punaluu Peter (7:12)Windward Passages, HatArt

Recorded live 1979, Basel Switzerland

Dave Burrell - Piano

2. Lisle Ellis - Ground (Take 1) (12:07)Elevations, Victo

June 1993, San Francisco

Lisle Ellis - ContrabassLarry Ochs - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor);Glenn Spearman - Sax (Tenor);Christopher Cauley - Sax (Alto);Donald Robinson - Drums;Joe McPhee - Vocals.

3. John Oswald - Won (10:09)Complicite, Victo

Recorded live 22 May, 2000, Victoriaville

John Oswald (alto sax)

4. Monk's Casino - Brilliant Corners/Eronel/Monk's Dream (10:09)Monk's Casino - The Complete Works of Thelonious Monk (Intakt)

Recorded 2003/2004 Berlin

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Piano;Axel Dorner: Trumpet;Rudi Mahall: Bass Clarinet;Jan Roder: Bass;Uli Jennessen: Drums.

5. Normand Guilbault Ensemble - Tijuana Gift Shop (4:46)Mingus Erectus (Ambiance Magnetique)

Recorded February 2004, Montreal

Mathieu Bélanger, clarinetNormand Guilbeault, contrebasseIvanhoe Jolicoeur, trumpetJean Derome, saxophones, flûteClaude Lavergne, drums

6. Ornette Coleman - Rejoicing (4:01)Tomorrow is the Question - Contemporary Discs

Recorded February 1959

Ornette Coleman alto saxophone;Don Cherry trumpet;Percy Heath upright bassShelly Manne drums.

7. Joe Harriott Quintet - Tuesday Morning Swing (4:46)Swings High - CadillacJazz Distribution

Recorded June 1967

Joe Harriott alto saxStu Hamer trumpetPat Smythe pianoColeridge Goode bassPhil Seaman dr.

8. Giuseppi Logan Quartet - Dialogue (8:23)Giuseppi Logan Quartet - ESP Disk

Recorded October 1964

Giuseppi Logan: alto sax, tenor sax, pakistani oboe, bass clarinet, fluteDon Pullen: pianoEddie Gomez: bassMilford Graves: drums, tabla

9. Henry Grimes - Fish Story (4:30)The Call - ESP Disk

Recorded December 1965

Henry Grimes: bassPerry Robinson: clarinetTom Price: drums

10. Joe Morris Bass Quartet - Skeleton (8:21)High Definition - Hatology

Recorded December 2007

Joe Morris: bass;Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet, trumpet and flugelhorn;Allan Chase: soprano, alto and baritone saxophones;Luther Gray: drums.

11. Mary Halvorson/Reuben Radding/Nate Wooley -Quavering Voices of the Mutilated (8:16)Crackleknob - Hatology

Recorded November 2006 Brooklyn NY

Mary Halvorson - guitarReuben Radding - bassNate Wooley - trumpet

12. Dave Burrell - AM Rag (4:55)Windward Passages, HatArt

Recorded live 1979, Basel Switzerland

Dave Burrell - Piano

And because I have not posted here in ages, here are some playlists from last year:


Jazz Euphorium Suoni Preview - Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 8 to 10 PM

1. Roswell Rudd / Mark Dresser - Duality (4:55)Airwalkers (Clean Feed) 2006
Roswell Rudd: trombone
Mark Dresser: bass

2. Hard Cell - Traction (11:28)
Electric and Acoustic Hard Cell Live (Screwgun 2004)
Tim Berne, alto saxophone; Craig Taborn, piano, electric keyboards, electronics; Tom Rainey, drums

3. Nels Cline - Spider Wisdon (7:29)
Destroy All (Atavistic Records) 2001

Woodward Lee Aplanalp: electric guitar;Carla Bozulich: electric guitar, sampling keyboard;G.E. Stinson: electric guitars;Nels Cline: electric guitars;Alex Cline: drums, percussion;Bob Mair: electric bass guitar, electric guitar;Zeena Parkins: electric harp;Wayne Peet: d6 clarinet, fake mellotron.

4. Sun Ra Arkestra - Kingdon of Not (5:34)
Super-Sonic Jazz (Evidence) 1956
Bass - Victor SprolesBass [Electronic] - Wilburn GreenDrums - Robert Barry (2) , William Cochran (2)Saxophone [Alto] - James ScalesSaxophone [Alto], Saxophone [Baritone] - Pat PatrickSaxophone [Baritone] - Charles DavisSaxophone [Tenor] - John GilmoreTimpani, Timbales - Jim HerndonTrombone - Julian PriesterTrumpet - Art HoyleSun Ra - Piano

5. Barnyard Drama - It's Raining to Drink Standing (10:29)
I'm a Navvy (Barnyard Records) 2006

Christine Duncan - Voice, Jean Martin - Drums, Turntables Justin Haynes - Guitars, Bernard Falaise - Guitars

6. Lauzier/Martel/Myhr/Tetrault - Piste 05 (3:25)Unreleased?

Kim Mhyr - guitarPhilippe Lauzier - saxPierre-Yves Martel - bassMartin Tetreault - turntables

7. Burns/Caloai/Hewrd - Presence number 4 (3:40)
Montreal Free (No Type) 2002

Chris Burns - GuitarNicolas Caloia - BassJohn Heward - Drums

8. PO - Provocative Operations IV (6:53)Montreal Free (No Type) 2002

Sam Shalabi - guitar
John Heward - Drums
Alexandre St Onge - bass
Rainer Weins - prepared guitar

9. Flaherty/Cook/Voigt/Kelly - Life Still Cherished (14:39)
The Ilya Tree (Boxholder) 2001

Double Bass - John Voigt
Drums, Percussion - Laurence Cook
Saxophone - Paul Flaherty
Trumpet - Greg Kelley

10. Roscoe Mitchell - Reflections (2:29)
Songs in the Wind (Victo) 1991

Roscoe Mitchell - soprano sax

11. Paal Nilssen Love & Magnus Broo - Browen Sugar, Sweet Rice (5:43)
Game (PNL) 2007

Paal Nilssen-Love - drums, percussion
Magnus Broo - trumpet

12. Evan Parker Trio - Montreuil Motion (11:15)
at Les instants chevires (Psi recordings) 1997

Evan Paker - Tenor saxBarry Guy - BassPaul Lytton - drums

13. Powerhouse Sound - 2-1-75 (For Miles Davis) (8:05)
Oslo/Chicago: Breaks (Atavistic Records) 2007

Nate McBride - Bass Ken Vandermark - Tenor Sax John Herndon - Drums,Lasse Marhaug - Electronics Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - Bass


Jazz Euphorium Wed July 23, 2008

1. Jennie Lee - Mingus Meditations (12:04)

2. Charles Mingus Sextet - Take the A Train (16:30)(Blue Note)

3. Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra - Out to Lunch (9:38)Plays Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch(Doubt Music label)

4. Andrew Cyrille Quintet - A Love Supreme (Evidence) 19:43

5. Andrew Hill - Hey Hey (7:54) Blue Note

6. Don Ellis - Tears of Joy (3:00)
Tear of Joy Album 1972

7. Don Ellis - Bulgarian Bulge (4:56)
Wounded Bird Label

Three songs from Bob Graettinger, City of Glass CD

8. You Go To My Head 3:22.
9. City Of Glass: Entrance Into The City 4:33.
10. A Trumpet 4:49

11. Paul Flaherty/Mark Edwards - Dark Desert (12:06)
Kaivalya Volume 1
Cadence Jazz Records


Jazz Eurphorium - August 20 2008

1. Dave Holland Quartet - Interception (8:23)
Conference of the Birds 1973 ECM Records

Dave Holland - Bass
Anthony Braxton - Reeds
Sam Rivers - Reeds
Barry Altschul - Drums

2. Frode Gjerstad / Derek Bailey - Stairs (11:14)
Nearly a D
[Emanem Recorded in London 2002]

Frode Gjerstad - clarinet and alto saxophoneDerek Bailey - guitar

3. Scorth Trio - Oikosulku (12:57)
Rune Grammofon recorded in 2002

Raoul Björkenheim - GuitarIngebrigt Håker Flaten - bassPaal Nilssen-Love - drums

4. Barry Guy New Orchestra Inscape Tableaux - Part I (14:41)
Intakt 2001

Barry Guy bass, director (GB)Marilyn Crispell pianoEvan Parker sax (GB)Mats Gustafsson sax, fluteophone (SE)Hans Koch sax, clarinets (CH)Herb Robertson trumpet (USA)Johannes Bauer trombone (DE)Per Åke Holmlander tuba (SE)Paul Lytton percussion (GB)Raymond Strid percussion (SE)

5. Thelonius Monk - Brilliant Corners (7:42)
Brilliant Corners (Riverside - 1956 New York)

Monk - Piano
Ernie Henry - alto sax
Sonny Rollins - tenor Sax
Oscar Pettiford - bass
Max Roach - drums

6. Georg Grawe/ Marcio Mattos/ Michael Vatcher - Brilliant Corners (3:32)
Impressions of Monk [Nuscope Records 1999]

7. Steve Lacy Quartet - Forest (20:53)

Enrico Rava - trumpet
Steve Lacy - soprano sax
Johnny Dyani - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

8. Wrack - Rather Dour (6:18)
Warck - Red Toucan 2003

Kyle Bruckman - Oboe, English HornJason Stein (bass clarinet)Jen Clare Paulson (viola),Kurt Johnson (bass),Tim Daisy (percussion),

9. Glenn Spearman's G Force - Go Left out of Shantiville (6:15)
Let it Go [Red Toucan 1997]

Glenn Spearman - tenor sax
James Routhier - Guitar
Lisle Ellis - Bass
Donald Robinson - Drums

10. Dave Liebman/Michael Gerber - The Empress (8:15)
Souls and Masters Cactus Records 1999

Dave Liebman - soprano sax/flute
Michael Gerber - Piano


Jazz Euphorium Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

1. Trio Derome Guilbault Tanguay - Five O'Clock Whistle (5:52)
The Feeling of Jazz (Ambiance Magnetique)
Jean Derome - Sax, VocalsNormand Guilbault - BassPierre Tanguay - percussion

2. Taylor Ho Bynum Trio - Brooklyn with an E (8:05)
The Middle Picture (Firehouse 12 Records)
Taylor Ho Bynum- cornetMary Halvorson - guitarTomas Fujiwara - drums

3. John Shiurba - 1.2.1 (6:26)5 X 5 (Rastacan)
John Shiurba - GuitarAnthony Braxton - saxesGreg Kelly - trumpetMorgan Guberman - bassGino Robair - drums

4. Derek Bailey - Don't Talk About Me (4:23)
Standards (Tzadik)

5. Sextesence - Deep Six for the SME (7:59)A tribute to John Stevens and the SME (died in 1994)
Balance Point Acoustics
Henry Kaiser - guitarJerome Byerton - drumsAaron Bennet - saxJohn Butcher - saxDanielle DeGruttola - celloDamon Smith - bass

6. Nels Cline - Compulsion (11:09)New Monastery (Cryptogrammophone)
Nels Cline: guitar, effects;Bobby Bradford: cornet;Ben Goldberg:clarinet, contra-alto clarinet;Andrea Parkins: electric accordion, effects;Devin Hoff: contrabass;Scott Amendola: drums, percussion

7. Elliot Sharp - Misterioso (10:14)Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk! (Clean Feed)
Sharp - Acoustic Guitar

8. Shoup/Burns/Radding/Campbell - Heraldic Quadraphony (5:50)The Levitation Shuffle (Cleen Feed)
Wally Shoup - saxGust Burns - pianoReuben Radding - bassGreg Campbell - drums

9. Wilkerson/Edwards/Noble - Obliquity (18:15)Obliquity (Bo-Weavil Recordings)
Alan Wilkerson - Baritone SaxJohn Edwards BassSteve Noble - Drums

10. Marshall Allen/Lou Grassi - The Spirit of the Day (9:46)Live at the Guelph Jazz Festival
Marshall Allen - alto saxLou Grassi - Drums
Live in Guelph 2001

11. The Contest of Pleasures - 8:32 (8:32)
Tempestuous (Another Timbres Records)
John Butcher - tenor + alto saxXavier Charles - clarinetAxel Dorner - trumpet

12. The Jack and Jim Show - Pithecanthropus Erectus (3:18)Hearing is Believing (Boxholder)
Eugene Chadbourne - Guitar Banjo VocalJimmy Carl Black - Drums VocalsPat Thomas - keyboardsSchroader - percussion / electronics


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playlist May 27, 2009

Host: Nimalan Yoganathan

Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Theme de Yoyo" (Les Stances a Sophie)
Archie Shepp - "Money Blues" (Things Have Got To Change)
Town&Country - "Cloud Seeding" (Up Above)
Ennio Morricone & Groupe Di Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza - "Seguita" (Adventures - The Wire 20 Years)
Ratchet Orchestra - "Love on a Far Away Planet" (Live at Sala Rossa)
Ratchet Orchestra - "Wish" (s/t)
Robert Ashley - "In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women"
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter" (s/t)
Nina Simone- "Obeah Woman" (It is Finished)
Torture - "Soaking Bodies in Dub" (Crooklyn Dub Consortium. Certified Dope, Vol.2)
Unknown - "Tjatrik" (Java: The Jasmine Isle / Gamelan Music)
Captain Beefheart - "She's Too Much For My Mirror" (Trout Mask Replica)
Gal Costa - "Cultura E Civilização" (Gal)
Hangedup - "Fuck This Place" (Clatter for Control)
Le Sentier Lumineux - "Untitled" (Live at Cool Fest 2008)
Nihilist Spasm Band - "The Filter Song" (s/t)
Group Inerane - "Ano Nagarus" (Guitars from Agadez - Music of Niger)
Antonis Antoniou - "Soundscape Nicosia" (Soundscape Nicosia)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playlist April 15, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

*Parc-X Trio - "Intermission" (s/t)
*Ernesto Cervini Quartet - "The Sneaky Two" (Here)
Fight the Big Bull - "Dying Will be Easy" (Dying Will Be Easy)
Harris Eisenstadt - "Dayourabine/Thiolena" (Guewel)
Ornette Coleman - "Zig Zag" (The Empty Foxhole)
RIDD Quartet - "Paoli" (Fiction Avalanche)
Odean Pope - "Two Dreams, Part 1" (Plant Life)
Talkover: Donald Byrd - "Parisian Thoroughfare" (First Flight)
Sean Conly - "Suburban Angst" (Re: Action)
Chris Potter - "Zea" (Follow the Red Line)
Khan Jamal - ""Rhythm Thang" (Cool)
MMW - "Rifion" (Zaebos)
*Peggy Lee Band - "Walk Me Through" (New Code)
*Gordon Grdina Trio - "Yellow Spot Into the Sun" (...If Accident Will)
Pat Metheny - "Question and Answer" (Question and Answer)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Playlist, April 1, 2009

*Indigone Trio + Strings - "Smacked" - Cycles
Max Roach - "Mama" - Percussion Bitter Sweet
Fredrik Lundin Overdrive - "Beauty and the Only Slightly Less Handsome" - Choose Your Boots
Dennis González - "In the Blink of a Hat" - Renegade Spirits
Hiromi Uehara - "I Got Rhythm" - Beyond Standard
DJ Motive - "Jazz Addict" - Midnight Fellowship
Nomo - "Round the Way" - Ghost Rock [with Turtleboy @ The Green Room April 1st]
*Turtleboy - "Invaders from the Deep" - Turtleboy
Khan Jamal Percussion + Strings - "Six plus Seven" - Cool
Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics - Cha Cha - Inspiration Information
*Jeff Younger's Sandbox - "Aquatic Adventures, Episode 19: The unceremonious demise of waterbugs (is the natural law)" - The Nudger
Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos - "El Gaucho Rojo" - Muy Divertido!
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Ebrauqs" - Slightly Latin
Sunaga T Experience - "Sasuke" - A Letter from AllNighters
*Gordon Grdina Trio - "Morning Moon" - ...If Accident Will
Apple Juice Kid - "A Different Blues" - Miles Remixed
Le Sacre Du Tympan - "Sexy Sax" - Le Retour!
Thelma Grayson - "I'll Remember April" - Mercury Records Box Set
Natural Food - "Pendulum" - Natural Food
*Bruce Freedman African Groove Band - "Little Melody in F" - Live at the Cellar

Host: Parker Mah

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

march 25, 09

artist album song

jane bunnet & the cuban piano masters-diologos
joao bosco-ao vivo-nacao
jim black-alas no axis-Mm
jim black-alas no axis-optical
blah blah 666-its only life-distracted by the moon
gypsophilia-minor hope-minor hope
grapelli-is jazz-anything goes
blow the house down-the great uncles of the revolution-the king of america
trio braam dejoode-change this song-hotch as ginseng
conference call-poetry in motion-poetry in motion
cab calloway-hi de hi-zaz zuh zaz
count basie-kansas city powerhouse-bye bye baby
ray charles-ray sings basie swings-let the good times roll
bruce barth-live at the village vanguard-when the sun comes out
jazzlab-chance meeting-rate of change
bill evans-alone-midnight mood
bruce barth-live at the village vanguard-little diddy
gangstarr-a decade of gangstarr-jazz thing (video mix)
jim black-splay-cheepa vs. cheap
jim black-alas no axis-nion
bass drum bone-the line up-the line up

march 18, 09

artist album song

louis armstrong-best of dixieland-when the saints go marching in
chet baker-oh you crazy moon-my funny valentine
mike allen & george-threads-unmistakably monk
kidd jorndan, hamid drake-palm of soul-last of the chicken wings
ornette coleman-sound grammar-sleep talking
charlie byrd-best of concord years-it don't mean a thing
arakana music-hyprovistion-drive
sun ra-nuclear war-nuclear war
indigone trio & strings-cycles-erguen diado
joe sullivan-big band-pat's visit
nina simone-clasic songs of the 60's- here comes the sun
billy holiday-body & soul-they can't take that away from me
mark & almond-best of...-the ghetto
mark & almond- best of...-song for you
lina allemano four-concentric-prairie

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playlist, February 25, 2009

Playlist, February 25, 2009

Host: Parker Mah
Afro-jazz Special for Black History Month

Art Blakey & Sabu - "Buhaina Chant" - (Orgy in Rhythm, 1957)
Dee Dee Bridgewater - "Footprints" - (Red Earth - A Malian Journey, 2007)
The Manhattan Brothers - "Marie" - (The Very Best Of, 195?)
Miriam Makeba and the Skylarks - "Siyavuya" - (Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks, Vol. 1, 195?)
The Jazz Epistles - "Scullery Department" - (Freedom Blues: South African Jazz Under Apartheid, 1960)
Dollar Brand Trio - "Dollar's Dance" - (Duke Ellington Presents, 1963)
Abdullah Ibrahim - “District Six” - (African Magic, 2002)
Duke Ellington - “Moonbow” - (Afro-Bossa, 1963)
*Joe Sealy - “Duke’s in Town” - (Africville Suite, 1996)
John Coltrane - “Songs of the Underground Railroad” - (The Complete Africa/Brass Sessions, 1961)
Winston ‘Mankunku’ Ngozi - “Yakhal’ Inkomo (Bellowing Bull)” - (Yakhal’ Inkomo, 1968)
Mulatu Astatke - “Nètsanèt (Liberty)” - (Ethiopiques 04 - Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale, 197?)
Dar es Salaam Jazz Band - “Mpenzi Usemayo (What you say, my love)” - (Zanzibara 3 : The 1960s sound of Tanzania, 1967)
Randy Weston - “Niger Mambo” - (Uhuru Afrika - Highlife, 1960)
Nina Simone - “I Wish I Knew (How it Would Feel To Be Free)” - (Silk & Soul, 1967)
Louis Armstrong - “Skokiaan” - (50 funky years: the People Shall Groove: A Soundtrek, 1954)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - “Gwenyana” - (Dance With the Ancestors, 1993)

Friday, February 20, 2009

february 18, 09--track log w/ guest artists peggy hogan (vox) & raj salome (keys)

host: jesse chase


gypsophilia-minor hope-minor hope

dave turner quartet-a centennial salute to duke ellington-blood count

brad meldau-elegiac cycle-resignation

dirty dozen band-dirty dozen band-jesus on the mainline

brad meldau-elegiac cycle-lament for linus

indigone trio & strings-cycles-shagely

indigone trio & strings-cycles-love is the reason

norma winstone-somewhere called home-somewhere called home

dave pike-carnavals-bamba

exploding customer-at your service-goodbye smith town

christine duncan-the vogue show-song for my father

kahlil el'zabar & billy bang-spirits entering-sweet irene

kahlil el'zabar & billy bang- spirits entering-spirits entering

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Playlist February 11, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - Rejoicing (The Scenic Route)
Ornette Coleman - Enfant (Ornette On Tenor)
*Gary Schwartz - Broadway Blues (demo)
Harris Eisenstadt - Rice & Fish/Liiti Liiti (Guewel)
Gilfema +2 - Morning Dew (s/t)
*Peggy Lee Band - All I Really Wanna Do (New Code)
Daniel Levin - Hangman (Fuhuffah)
*Turtleboy - Hawking (s/t)
*Talkover: Tilden Webb Trio f/ David "Fathead" Newman - A Night in Tunisia (Cellar Groove) [RIP "Fathead" & Hank Crawford]
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Well You Needn't (The Continuum) [@ Lambi 02/18]
*Ben Henriques - Janine (Responsibility Club) [launch @ Diese Onze 02/23]
Angelica Sanchez - 514 (Life Between)
Eri Yamamoto Trio - Bottled Water Princess (Redwoods)
Mulgrew Miller - The Organ Grinder (Live at Yoshi's Volume One)
Rudresh Mahanthappa & Dakshina Ensemble - Ganesha (Kinsmen)
Sean Conly - Ulterior Motives (Re: Action)

Other upcoming shows of note: Fieldtrip + 2 @ Upstairs 02/15, Maison du Jazz 02/16; Follow Follow @ Casa del Popolo 02/18; Karl Jannuska (from Paris) @ Upstairs 02/25-26.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playlist January 28, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

*Byproduct - 81 (Le Mur)
James Davis - On the Fly (Angles of Refraction)
Medeski Martin & Wood - Buster Rides Again (Tonic)
*John Geggie - Credo (Geggie Project)
mi3 - The Mystery Song (Free Advice)
*Ben Henriques - A Theory of Consumption (Responsibility Club)
Todd Sickafoose - Invisible Ink Revealed (Tiny Resistors)
Gilfema +2 - Cove (s/t)
Talkover: Dave Holland - Double Vision (Pass it On)
*Christine Jensen - Upper Fargo (Look Left)
*Thom Gossage Other Voices - Impulsi [variation 1] (Impulsi)
Anthony Braxton - Opus 55 (Complete Arista Recordings)
Andrew Hill - Divine Revelation (A Beautiful Day)
*Quinsin Nachoff - Bogardus Place (Horizons Ensemble)
Frank Kimbrough - Coming on the Hudson (Air)
William Parker - Four for Tommy (Petit Oiseau)
Wayne Shorter f/ Milton Nascimento - Ponta de Areia (Native Dancer)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Playlist, January 21, 2009

Host: Parker Mah

The Canadiana Special!

*Oscar Peterson Trio - “Place St-Henri” - (Canadiana Suite) - Montréal, QC
*Alex Bellegarde - “The Way” - (One Fine Saturday) - Montréal, QC
*The October Trio - "Bounces" - (Day In) - Vancouver, BC
*Roberto Occhipinti - "Mank" - (Yemaya) - Toronto, ON
*Yannick Rieu - "Pour Trenet" - (Little Zab) - Montréal, QC
*Bruno Hubert Trio - " For Dan" - (Get Out Of Town : Live at the Cellar) - Vancouver, BC
*Bryn Roberts - "Hagamos Un Trato" - (Ludlow) - Winnipeg, MB/Montréal, QC
*Rabnett 5 - "Oso Negro" - (Leopardism) - Vancouver, BC
*Turtleboy - "Dune Dune" - (Turtleboy) - Montréal, QC (CD Release Jan 21st @ Casa Del Popolo)
*Chris Tarry - "My Heart Sings" - (Of Battles Unknown Mysteries) - Vancouver, BC
*Sylvain Provost + Norman Lachapelle - "Tout Seul" - (Ni Un Ni Deux) - Montréal, QC
*Butcher/Müller/van der Schyff - "Gone, Goner" - (Way Out Northwest) - Vancouver, BC
*Dean Mcneill Large Jazz Ensemble - "Fall-In" - (Prairie Fire) - Saskatoon, SK
*Jon Ballantyne - "Old Dreams - (Known/Unknown) - Saskatoon, SK
*George Koufagiannakis - "Yo, Mo' D" - (Explorations in Improvised Music) - Edmonton, AB
*The Barriomatic Trust - "The Ruined Map' - (Creative Jazz Créatif Dig Your Roots Compilation) - Halifax, Nova Scotia
*Amanda Tosoff Quartet + Brad Turner - "New" - (Wait and See) - Vancouver, BC
*Orchestre des Pas Perdus - "Pièce à Conviction" - (Projet 9) - Montréal, QC
*Quinsin Nachoff - "How Postmodern of me" - (Magic Numbers) - Toronto, ON
*Oliver Gannon Quartet - "Everybody's Song but My Own" - (Maximum Jazz Compilation) - Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playlist, January 14, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

Anthony Braxton - "Opus 23G" (The Complete Arista Recordings)
*Mario Allard Quintet - "One" (s/t)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "Snake!" (Kinsmen)
*Dream Algebra - "Star Crossed" (Free Burma)
William Parker - "Talpas Theme" (Petit Oiseau)
*Hufflignon - "Duo (Kobenhavn)" (s/t)
The Skein - "Nothing/Otherwise" (Cities and Eyes)
*Melissa Stylianou - "Lohengrin" (Sliding Down)
*Josh Rager - "Side Eye" (Time and Again) [launch @ Diese Onze 01/16-17]
*Anna Webber - "Parallelissimo" (demo) [Webber w/ Lage Lund, Ben Street & Marc Béland @ Upstairs 01/23-24]
*Chad Linsley - "Mass Confusion" (Slideshow) [launch @ Upstairs 01/18]
Karayorgis/McBride/Newton - "Hypochrismutreefuzz" (Betwixt)
Mary Halvorson - "Momentary Lapse" (Dragon's Head)
Mario Pavone - "Iskmix" (Ancestors)
Bobo Stenson - "Don's Kora Song" (Cantando)
Fred Hersch/Michael Moore - "Four in One" (This we Know)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Playlist, January 7, 2009

Host: Parker Mah

Charlie Parker - Parker's Mood (The Savoy Recordings)
Freddie Hubbard (RIP)- Open Sesame [alt tk] (Open Sesame)
Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - One by One (Ugetsu: Live at Birdland)
*Remi Bolduc & Jerry Bergonzi - I Remember You (4+1)
*Thom Gossage Other Voices - Dilly Dally (Impulsi)
Peyer/Weber/Stoffner - The Man I Love (Unsung Songs)
Myriam Alter - Children's Play (If)
Stéphane Huchard - Jakawa Jungle Spoon (Tootakoosticks)
Vandermark 5 - Roulette (Burn the Incline)
Joy Denalane - Lover Man (Mamani Live)
South African Jazz Special:
  • Abdullah Ibrahim - Calypso Minor (No Fear, No Die)
  • Bheki Mseleku - Monwabisi (Home at Last)
  • Tribe - Nommo Blues (Blues for Moses) (Our Language)
  • Hotep Idris Galeta - Monk in Soweto (Malay Tone Poem)
*Rabnett 5 - Rounder (Leopardism)
Kazutoki Umezu - A Reverend Utterance (Pandora's Cocktail)
Tord Gustavsen - Wide Open (Being There)
*Stop Time
- Twice (s/t)
Kirk Knuffke
- Normal (Bigwig)