Friday, March 20, 2015

Wednesday March 18, 2015

Hosted by Monsieur_b

Kenny Dorham - Lotus Blossom; Quiet Kenny
Miles Davis - Bye Bye Balckbird; Round about Midnight
Charles Mingus - Group Dance; The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
John Coltrane - Alabama; Live at the Birdland
John Coltrane - Part 3 Pursuance/Part 4 Psalm, Love Supreme
Tomasz Stanko -  The Ambusher; Music for K
Tomasz Stanko - Morning Heavy Song; Leosia
Trygve Seim - Sorrow; Different Rivers
Arve Henriksen - Black Mountain; Strjon
Maneri/Phillips/Maneri - Rohnlief; Tales of Rohnlief
Yoshimi & Gustafsson - #1; Yoshimi & Gustafsson
Bill Dixon - Moment; Vade Mecum
Wadada Leo Smith - Another Wave More Waves; Tao Njia
Johansson/Dorner/Neumann - #8; Barcelona Series
FIRE! - If I took your hand; You Liked Me 5 Minutes Ago
Miles Davis - Générique; L'ascenseur pour L'échafaud
Bill Dixon - Pensieroso; Odyssey