Saturday, January 07, 2006

happy new year to you!

Treating the common cold with massive doses of free jazz...

playlist for january 4 2006 (click the links for related stuff):

art ensemble of chicago "people in sorrow part 1" (the pathe sessions) - emi july 7 1969
griot galaxy "z-series" (live at the d.i.a.) - entropy jan 29 1983
albert ayler "ghosts" (lorrach paris 1966) - hatology nov 13 1966
cecil taylor "what's new" (nefertiti the beautiful one has come) - arista freedom nov 23 1962
sun ra "love in outer space" (piano recital - teatro la fenice, venezia) - golden years nov 24 1977
sun ra "outer spaceways incorporated" (piano recital - teatro la fenice, venezia)
muhal richard abrams & malachi favors "unity (dedicated to the aacm)" (sightsong) - black saint oct 1975
horace tapscott "sketches of drunken mary" (the dark tree 1) - hatology dec 1989
masada "ne'eman" (live in sevilla) - tzadik 2000
derek bailey r.i.p. "when your lover has gone" (ballads) - tzadik 2002
the qualities "happy new year to you!" (sun ra - the singles) - saturn 1956

- dave m.

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