Thursday, April 06, 2006

Playlist April 5, 2006

Funding Drive Edition
David Ryshpan & Natalie Simmons

Herbie Hancock - "You Got It Bad, Girl" (The New Standard) (f. Don Alias [RIP])
Jackie McLean (RIP) - "Cheers" (Vertigo)
*Talking Pictures - "Rat Race" (Ciao Bella)
Sam Newsome - "Dread Man Walking" (Global Unity)
Tom Harrell - "Daily News" (Time's Mirror)
*Richard Underhill - "Big" (Tales from the Blue Lounge)
Misako Kano - "Well You Needn't" (Watch Out)
Michael Musillami - "Squid Fantasy" (The New Standard)
Terrence Blanchard - "Passionate Courage" (Bounce)
John Scofield - "Boozer" (A Go Go)
*Joel Miller - "Sinking Colours" (...and then everything started to look different...)
Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos - "Con Brasil Adentro - Fuga X" (Live In Barcelona)

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