Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Playlist September 6, 2006

Hosts: David Ryshpan & Andy Williams

FLY - "Child's Play" (FLY)
*Michael Bates' Outside Sources - "Prodigal" (A Fine Balance)
*Les Projectionnistes - "Child's Play" (Vue)
*Antoine Berthiaume - "Attitude Frank" (Ellen's Bar)
Theme: Blue Note Records
Kenny Drew - "Undercurrent" (Undercurrent)
Lee Morgan - "Mr. Kenyatta" (Search for the New Land)
Eric Dolphy - "South Street Exit" (The Illinois Concert)
Eric Dolphy - "Straight Up and Down" (Out to Lunch)
Andrew Hill - "New Monastery" (Point of Departure)
McCoy Tyner - "Passion Dance" (The Real McCoy)
Bud Powell - "Comin' Up" (The Scene Changes)
Ornette Coleman - "Check Out Time" (Love Call) [featuring Dewey Redman - RIP]
Bobby Hutcherson - "Una Muy Bonita" (Stick-Up!)
Ike Quebec - "Minor Impulse" (Blue and Sentimental)

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