Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playlist, January 30, 2008

Host: David Ryshpan

Slow Poke - "Make Out Machine" (At Home)
*Tony Wilson 6tet - "For Fela Kuti #2" (Pearls Before Swine)
Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble - "Cause and Effect" (Black Unstoppable)
Animal Forum - "Robot Assembly Line" (s/t)
Tony Malaby - "Floating Head" (Tamarindo)
Steve Lacy-Roswell Rudd Quartet - "Think of One" (Early and Late)
Roy Haynes/Danilo Perez/John Patitucci - "Question and Answer" (Trio)
Interview with Roy Haynes
Chick Corea - "Steps--What Was" (Now He Sings, Now He Sobs)
*Frank Lozano Group - "New Man" (Colour Fields) [Lozano launch @ Diese Onze (4115-A St. Denis) Feb 1-2]
*Jean Derome et les Dangereu(x) (z)'Homs - "Nez qui roule" (To Continue) [Ensemble SuperMusique @ Théàtre La Chapelle (3700 Ste. Dominique) Jan. 31-Feb 2]
*Quartetski Does Prokofiev - "Con vivacità" (Visions fugitives op. 22) [Philippe Lauzier @ Diese Onze Feb. 5]
*Brad Turner Quartet - "Small Wonder" (Small Wonder)
Peter Evans Quartet - "The 3/4 Tune" (s/t)
Sun Ra - "Sun-Earth Rock" (The Night of the Purple Moon)
Steve Reid Ensemble - "Don't Look Back" (Daxaar)

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