Thursday, March 27, 2008

Playlist March 26, 2008

Host: David Ryshpan

Joe Lovano - "Blue Sketches" (Streams of Expression) [RIP Dennis Irwin]
Ben Allison & Man Size Safe - "Roll Credits" (Little Things Run the World)
Joshua Redman - "East of the Sun (West of the Moon)" (Back East)
Trio M - "brainFire and bugLight" (The Big Picture)
Eskelin/Parkins/Black - "Song for Ché" (Five Other Pieces (+2))
John Carter-Bobby Bradford Quartet - "Sticks and Stones" (Seeking)
Steve Swallow - "Item 1, D.I.T." (Damaged in Transit)
*Frank Lozano Group - "Now Won" (Colour Fields)
Frank Kimbrough
- "Wig Wise" (Air)
Bill Dixon/Exploding Star Orchestra - "Entrances/One" (s/t)
*Quartetski does Prokofiev - "Ridicolosamente" (Visions fugitives, op. 22) [@ Upstairs 03/28-29]
Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory - "Hop Hip Bip Bir Rip" (Nine to Get Ready) [@ Victo 05/ 18; Sala Rossa 06/22]
*Michael Herring's Vertigo - "S-ow-ss" (Coniferous Revenge) [@ Casa 03/30; David Binney @ Espace Dell'Arte 04/05]
Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - "Walking the Curve" (Dream Garden)
James Carney Group - "Half the Battle" (Green-Wood)
Bobby Selvaggio - "Spy Movie" (Unspoken Dialogue)

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