Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Funding Drive Playlist

Donate to CKUT! All music below available off our gift list - $25 per CD!

Hosts: David Ryshpan & Matthew Testa

*Remi Bolduc & Jerry Bergonzi - "In Love Like Someone" (4+1)
Bobby Selvaggio - "Spy Movie" (Unspoken Dialogue)
Rob Reddy's Gift Horse - "Abraham" (A Hundred Jumping Devils)
*NOJO - "Go Fly A Kite" (Highwire)
James Carney - "Half the Battle" (Greenwood)
David Murray Black Saint Quartet - "Family Reunion" (Sacred Ground)
Eri Yamamoto - "Subway Song" (Duologue)
*Kenny Wheeler/Paul Bley - "Doing Time" (Touche)
Marty Ehrlich/Myra Melford - "Hymn" (Spark!)
Ron Blake - "Hanuman" (Shayari)
*Francois Carrier Trio w/ Uri Caine - "As Crazy As" (All'Alba)
*Geordie Haley's Sea of Song - "Blue Boat" (Blue Boat)
*Harris Eisenstadt - "Portrait of Holden Caulfield" (The Soul and Gone)
*Frank Lozano - "Centre of Gravity" (Colour Fields)
Sticks and Stones - "Sons of Slaves" (Sticks and Stones)

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