Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playlist, January 14, 2009

Host: David Ryshpan

Anthony Braxton - "Opus 23G" (The Complete Arista Recordings)
*Mario Allard Quintet - "One" (s/t)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "Snake!" (Kinsmen)
*Dream Algebra - "Star Crossed" (Free Burma)
William Parker - "Talpas Theme" (Petit Oiseau)
*Hufflignon - "Duo (Kobenhavn)" (s/t)
The Skein - "Nothing/Otherwise" (Cities and Eyes)
*Melissa Stylianou - "Lohengrin" (Sliding Down)
*Josh Rager - "Side Eye" (Time and Again) [launch @ Diese Onze 01/16-17]
*Anna Webber - "Parallelissimo" (demo) [Webber w/ Lage Lund, Ben Street & Marc BĂ©land @ Upstairs 01/23-24]
*Chad Linsley - "Mass Confusion" (Slideshow) [launch @ Upstairs 01/18]
Karayorgis/McBride/Newton - "Hypochrismutreefuzz" (Betwixt)
Mary Halvorson - "Momentary Lapse" (Dragon's Head)
Mario Pavone - "Iskmix" (Ancestors)
Bobo Stenson - "Don's Kora Song" (Cantando)
Fred Hersch/Michael Moore - "Four in One" (This we Know)

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