Friday, February 20, 2009

february 18, 09--track log w/ guest artists peggy hogan (vox) & raj salome (keys)

host: jesse chase


gypsophilia-minor hope-minor hope

dave turner quartet-a centennial salute to duke ellington-blood count

brad meldau-elegiac cycle-resignation

dirty dozen band-dirty dozen band-jesus on the mainline

brad meldau-elegiac cycle-lament for linus

indigone trio & strings-cycles-shagely

indigone trio & strings-cycles-love is the reason

norma winstone-somewhere called home-somewhere called home

dave pike-carnavals-bamba

exploding customer-at your service-goodbye smith town

christine duncan-the vogue show-song for my father

kahlil el'zabar & billy bang-spirits entering-sweet irene

kahlil el'zabar & billy bang- spirits entering-spirits entering

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