Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9th, 2010

"It is the role of the artist to incite political, social, and spiritual revolution, to awaken us from our sleep and never let us forget our obligations as human beings, to light the fire of human compassion. Sounds that enlighten are infinite. We can put no limit to joy, or on our capacity for love."

-- William Parker

Live At Somewhere There - For Don Cherry
Double Sunrise Over Neptune -
Morning Mantra
Dawn Son -
Eclipsing with the Sun
Through Acceptance... -
Rattle & Bells and the Light...
Sunrise in the Tone World -
Sunrise in the Tone World
Painter's Spring -
Blues for Percy
Painter's Spring -
Sound Unity -
Poem for June Jordan
Piercing the Veil -
Piercing the Veil
Another Shining Path -
A Fork in the Road
Mayor of Punkville -
Sound Unity -

hosted by - Philippe Battikha

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