Friday, October 01, 2010

Playlist for September 29, 2010

Hosts: Stephanie Khoury and Melvin Backstrom

1. Jean-Marc Hebert: "La Treve" off L'Autre

2. Remi-Jean Leblanc: 'T'en as eu assez" off Ensemble Remi-Jean Leblanc

3. Satlah: "Poem 31" off Exodus

4. Lina Allemano: "Fidget" off Gridjam

5. Marianne Trudel: "1720 St. Gregoire" off Sands of Time

6. Antoine Berthiaume: "Small Tease" off Small Tease

7. Groove Collective: "Outermost" off People People Music Music

8. Steve Raegele: "Last Century" off Pareidolia

9. Dave Holland Sextet: "Rivers Run" off Pass It On

10. Yves Leveille: "Track 24:50" (?) off Choreographie

11. Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: "Toward the Margins" off Toward the Margins

12. Anna Weber Quartet: Track 2 off Third Floor People

13. David Mott Quintet: "Downtown Runout" off David Mott Quintet

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