Wednesday, March 09, 2011

March 2, 2011

Set List for March 2, 2011 - hosted by Steph Khoury
John Zorn, George Lewis & Bill Frisell, More News for Lulu: “Hank's Other Tune”           
Charles Mingus, The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady: “Track A - Solo Dancer”
Scott Fields Ensemble, Fugu: “The Plagiarist”
Exploding Star Orchestra, Stars Have Shapes: “ChromoRocker”
Agusti Fernandez, Baldo Martinez & Ramon Lopez, Triez: “Anonim”
Regina Carter, Reverse Thread: “Mwana Talitambula”
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Mama's House Live: “Oof”
Geri Allen, Flying Toward The Sound: “Red Velvet in Winter”
Matana Roberts, The Chicago Project: “Thrills”
Mary Halvorson, Saturn Sings: “Right Size Too Little (No. 12)”
Charity Chan, Somewhere the Sea and Salt: “Films of the Decamarone”
Malcolm Goldstein, A Sounding Of Sources: “Ishi_'man waxati' Soundings”
Cyminology, As Ney: “Niyãyesh”           
The David Arner Trio, Out/In the Open: “My Romance”
Element, Transformation to Paradise: “Abstract Vision C”
Corea, Clarke & White, Forever (Disc 1): “On Green Dolphin Street”
Paolo Fresu, A Filetta Corsican Voices, Daniele di Bonaventura, Mistico Mediterraneo: “Liberata”

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