Friday, February 21, 2014

Playlist for Jazz Euphorium - Wednesday February 19, 2014

Host: Lawrence Joseph

1.  Interview with poet/trumpet player/author/teacher Jason Blackbird Selman.  Includes performances of two works, "Sedgewick Avenue" from the Holw Live! LP, and a new as yet untitled work.

2.  Digital Primitives - Soul Searchin' (Soul Searchin'; Hopscotch Records)
3.  Digital Primitives - Spider's Sap (Soul Searchin'; Hopscotch Records)
4.  Hat and Beard - Reflections (Reflections; Trio Records)
5.  Hat and Beard - Jackie-ing (Reflections; Trio Records)
6.  Raoul Bjorkenheim - El Pueblo Unido (Ecstacy; Cuneiform)
7.  Kidd Jordan / Alvin Fielder / Peter Kowald - Trio I (Duo and Trio in New Orleans; No Business)
8.  Yapp - Papalosquamous (Symbolic Heads; No Business)
9.  Aki Takase La Planete - Twelve Tone Tales (Flying Soul; Intakt)
10. Tom Rainey - Just in Time (Obbligato; Intakt)                       

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