Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Playlist March 26, 2014

Host: David Ryshpan

Drew Gress - "Kernel" (The Sky Inside)
Jon Irabagon - "Cutting Corners" (It Takes All Kinds)
Trio 3 + Jason Moran - "Foot Under Foor" (Refractions - Breakin' Glass)
George Colligan - "Song for the Tarahumera" (The Endless Mysteries)
Orrin Evans - "Blues Connotation" (."..It Was Beauty")
The North - "Light Blue" (Slow Down (This Isn't the Mainland)) 
*Jacques Kuba Séguin - "Fugue avec Anaïs (à Métis)" (Liitania Projekt)
Steve Treseler - "Kary's Trance" (Center Song)
*Drumhand - "On Second Thought" (Cheer On the Sun) [@ Resonance Cafe 03/28]
*Project Pigeon - "Trikonasana" (Project Pigeon)
Jeremy Udden - "Bartók" (Folk Art)
*Mike Downes - "So maki sum se rodila" (Ripple Effect)
Michael Bates/Samuel Blaser Quintet - "Van Gogh" (One From None)
Helen Sung - "Anthem for a New Day" (Anthem For a New Day)
*Joe Sullivan - "Get Lost" (Whiskey Jack Waltz)
Vincent Herring - "The Uptown Shuffle" (The Uptown Shuffle)
*Alex Goodman - "Etude 7 (Chorale for my Mother)" (Etudes for Solo Guitar)
Alfredo Rodriguez - "Guantanamera" (The Invasion Parade)

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