Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Playlist Sept 17, 2014

Host: David Ryshpan

Steve Coleman & Five Elements - "Black Phonemics" (Black Science)
Anna Webber - "Simplify Simplify" (Simple)
Fred Hersch - "You & the Night & the Music" (Floating)
JC Sanford Orchestra - "Sunset Park, Sunset Park" (Views from the Inside)
Kenny Wheeler - "Kind Folk" (Angel Song)
Joel Harrison - "Refuge" (Mother Stump)
Donny McCaslin - "Praia Grande" (Casting for Gravity)
*Peripheral Vision - "Wiretap" (Sheer Tyranny of Will)
*Jerrold Dubyk - "Afrocentric" (Invitations)
Butler/Bernstein Hot 9 - "Dixie Walker" (Viper's Drag)
The Westerlies - "Sweeter than the Day" (Wish the Children Would Come On Home)
Paul Bley - "Pent-Up House" (Play Blue)
Ribot/Grimes/Taylor - "Ol' Man River" (Live at the Village Vanguard)
Steve Lehman Octet - "13 Colors" (Mise en abĂ®me)
*The Cookers Quintet - "The Ramble" (Volume One)
The Lalama Brothers - "Firm Roots" (Erie Avenue)
Louis Hayes - "Vagabond Ron" (Return of the Jazz Communicators)
Javon Jackson - "88 Strong" (Expression)

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