Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Playlist Oct 29, 2014 - Funding Drive edition!

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Hosts: Lawrence, Katerina, David & Parker

John Coltrane - "Offering" (Offering)
*Lina Allemano - "Kiss the Brain" (Kiss the Brain)
*Erik Hove - "Brain Freeze" (Saturated Colours)
Matthew Shipp - "Brain Shatter" (I've Been to Many Places)
Satoko Fujii - "Take Right" (Gen Himmel)
Marcin Wasilewski - "Actual Proof" (Spark of Life)
Billy Hart Quartet - "Big Trees" (One is the Other)
David Virelles - "Biankoméko" (Mbókò)
*Stefan Christoff - "Shifting Skies" (Wire Tones)
*Geraldine Eguiluz - "Aluxes" (Rubedo'ro)
*Craig Pedersen Quartet - "Points From Centre" (Days Like Today)
Matana Roberts - "South by West" (The Chicago Project)
Doxas/Douglas/Swallow/Doxas - "Old Church, New Paint" (Riverside)
Sokal/Känzig/Valihora - "Talking 58" (Depart Refire)
Vijay Iyer - "When We're Gone" (Mutations)
Al-Akbar/Ali/Cross/Ackamoor - "Ascent of the Nether Creatures (continued)" (Ascent of the Nether Creatures)
Butler-Bernstein Hot 9 - "Buddy Bolden's Blues" (Viper's Drag)

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