Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Playlist June 3, 2015

Host: David Ryshpan

Bob Belden - "Dreamworld" (Black Dahlia)
Jimmy Greene - "Seventh Candle" (Beautiful Life)
Kenneth Salters' Haven - "Deception" (Enter to Exit)
James Farm - "North Star" (City Folk)
Charles Lloyd - "Gardner" (Wild Man Dance)
Scott Colley - "Smoke Stack" (Architect of the Silent Moment)
Kenny Wheeler - "Sly Eyes" (Songs for Quintet)
Claudia Quintet - "drewslate" (Semi-Formal)
Tim Berne's Snakeoil - "Lost in Redding" (You've Been Watching Me)
*Harris Eisenstadt - "The Arrangement of Unequal Things" (Golden State II)
Sunna Gunnlaugs - "Gallop" (Distilled)
George Colligan & Theoretical Planets - "Risky Notion" (Risky Notion)
*Christian Overton Quintet - "Weak at the Knees" (The Test)
Vijay Iyer Trio - "Work" (Break Stuff)

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