Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Playlist January 3, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Dave Douglas - "Invocation" (Meaning & Mystery)
Nels Cline - "Dedication" (New Monastery)
Bennie Maupin Ensemble - "Neophilia 2006" (Penumbra)
*Nisenson/Mailloux/Tanguay - "Supper's Ready" (Muzika)
*Christine Jensen - "A Tree Thing" (Look Left)
*Dave Turner - "First Nation" (Thank You For Your Hospitality)
Braam/DeJoode/Vatcher - "Hotch As Ginseng" (Change This Song)
Air - "G.v.E" (Air Time)
George Lewis - "Phenomenology" (The Solo Trombone Record)
Roscoe Mitchell Quintet - "For Cynthia" (Turn)
Motian/Frisell/Lovano - "India" (It Should Have Happened A Long Time Ago)
*Lina Allemano Four - "Rundle" (Concentric)
*Patrice Barbanchon - "Gaijin" (Trio Nouveau Live)
Myra Melford's Crush - "Like Rain Whispers Mist" (Dance Beyond the Color)
Chris Potter - "The Visitor [For Lester Young]" (Gratitude)

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