Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Playlist January 10, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Barry Altschul Trio - "Be Out S'cool" (Brahma)
Flute Force 4 - "T.B.A." (Flutistry)
The Lounge Lizards - "No Pain for Cakes" (No Pain for Cakes)
Lester Bowie Brass Fantasy - "Thriller" (Twilight Dreams)
EZ Pour Spout - "Back in Black" (Don't Shave the Feeling)
*Chet Doxas Quartet - "Rite Shoe" (Sidewalk Etiquette)
Human Feel - "Speak To It" (Speak To It)
Rez Abbasi - "Tantra" (Snake Charmer)
Ornette Coleman - "Enfant" (Ornette On Tenor)
Charlie Haden/Hampton Hawes - "Turnaround" (As Long As There's Music)
Johnny Griffin/Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - "Well You Needn't" (Lookin' at Monk!)
Bley/Gilmore/Peacock/Motian - "Calls" (Turning Point)
Django Bates - "The Loneliness of Being Right" (Winter Truce (And Homes Blaze))
Esbjörn Svensson Trio - "When God Created the Coffee Break" (Strange Place for Snow)
Charles Lloyd - "Manhattan Carousel" (In Europe)
Marcus Belgrave - "Gemini II" (Gemini)

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