Thursday, February 01, 2007

Playlist January 31, 2007

Host: David Ryshpan

Ornette Coleman - "Matador" (Sound Grammar)
*Michael Bates' Outside Sources - "Coppertone" (A Fine Balance)
Sticks and Stones - "430" (Shed Grace)
Myra Melford & Be Bread - "Fear Slips Behind" (The Image of Your Body)
Vijay Iyer/Rudresh Mahanthappa - "Hope" (Raw Materials)
Rez Abbasi - "Life Goes" (Bazaar)
*Trio Derome/Guilbeault/Tanguay - "Rollo II" (The Feeling of Jazz) [Derome playing with Supermusique's Treize Lunes until Feb. 3 @ Monument National; Tanguay Feb. 2 & 3 @ Théâtre La Chappelle]
*Yves Leveillée - "Incandescent" (Quantique) [@ Upstairs Feb. 4]
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - "Transit" (Live @ Bowery Poetry Club 01/14/2007)
Michael Musillami's Dialect - "Seven Blend" (Fragile Forms)
Ben Allison - "Emergency" (Cowboy Justice)
Rob Reddy's Gift Horse - "The Unnamable" (A Hundred Jumping Devils)
New and Used
- "Bomar" (Consensus)
Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens - "Ready Everyday" (Ready Everyday)
Andrew Rathbun - "9 Nations" (Scatter Some Stones)

Also mentioned in the listings: Festival Voix D'Amériques February 2-9 includes performances by Guido del Fabbro, Bernard Falaise, Fred Fortin, Robbie Kuster, François Lafontaine, Alexis Martin, Alexandre St-Onge, Martin Tétrault, Dan Thouin, and more.

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