Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Playlist, August 6, 2008

Host: David Ryshpan

Geoffrey Keezer - "Let Down/Hypnogong" (Zero One)
Franco Ambrosetti - "Mike on Wings" (The Wind)
Dafnis Prieto - "Taking the Soul for a Walk" (Taking the Soul for a Walk)
Bill Frisell - "Struggle Part 2" (History, Mystery)
*Fran├žois Richard - "La Nuit" (Nouvel Orchestra)
Rob Brown Ensemble - "Ghost Dog" (Crown Trunk Root Funk)
Ted Nash & Still Evolved - "Gritty Ditty" (In the Loop)
The Bad Plus - "Thriftstore Jewelry" (Prog)
Thomas Chapin Trio - "Don't Mind if I Do" (Sky Piece)
*Tim Brady/Kenny Wheeler - "Visions, Movement I" (Visions)
Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble - "Sequence Shadows" (Xenogenesis Suite)
Roy Campbell Ensemble - "Aten and Amarna" (Akhenaten Suite)
*Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet - "Waltz from the Woman of Tokyo" (One Dance Alone)
Johnny Griffin (RIP) - "I Mean You" (Live/Autumn Leaves) [Ronnie Matthews RIP]
Jimmy McGriff (RIP) - "City Lights" (Feelin' It)
Scott Amendola Band - "Bantu" (Cry)
George Schuller's Circle Wide - "Dew Point" (Like Before, Somewhat After)
Miguel Zenon - "Penta" (Awake)

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