Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Playlist Dec 23, 2015

Host: David Ryshpan

Duke Ellington - "Volga Vouty (Russian Dance)" (Three Suites) [merry Xmas & happy holidays]
John Hollenbeck - "Constant Conversation" (Songs We Like a Lot)
Maria Schneider Orchestra - "Home" (The Thompson Fields)
Pete Rodriguez - "Catalina La O" (El Conde Negro)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "On the DL" (Bird Calls)
Steve Coleman & The Council of Balance - "Eye of Heru" (Synovial Joints)
Wayne Horvitz - "The Beautiful Wives" (Some Places are Forever Afternoons)
Liberty Ellman - "Furthermore" (Radiate)
Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet - "Part II: Strike" (Apparent Distance)
*Rich Brown & the Abeng - "Achilles & the Tortoise" (s/t)
*Brad Cheeseman Group - "Make or Break for It" (s/t)
*Mark Nelson's Sympathetic Frequencies - "Momentum" (s/t)
Devin Gray - "Undo the Redo" (RelativE ResonancE)
Makaya McCraven - "Lonely" (In the Moment)
Brad Allen Williams - "Euclid & Lamar" (Lamar)
John Scofield - "Enjoy the Future!" (Past Present)

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